Important Features to Have for High-Quality Vacuum Leak Test

Important Features to Have for High-Quality Vacuum Leak Test

A high-quality vacuum leak test apparatus is required to accurately determine the tiniest of the leaky opening in the packing. To ensure best results, it is important to conduct the test on an ideal testing instrument.


Important features for a vacuum leak test

Digitally controlled system for accuracy and repeatability

Must meet USP 28 packaging practice specification

Easy vacuum mechanism for automatic sample testing 

Inlet vacuum pressure setting 

Preset timer must be incorporated 

Have an inbuilt Calibration facility

Stainless steel body for corrosion resistant finish

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Built for Which Industries?

The vacuum leak test is performed on packed strips, blister packing, sachets, flexible packing, etc. It determines the flaw in the packing process and seal integrity of the packing. The leak tester is designed in a way so that it can capture all type of leakage defects of the semi-rigid and flexible packings. It is widely used in F&B industry and pharmaceutical. Although, it has numerous applications and not restricted to one industry. 

The application of the instrument also finds in food industries where it can measure the air tightness of the sweets, ready to eat pre-packed foods, sauces, pack of noodles, confectionery packaging and much more.

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How must the test be performed for improved results?

  1. Follow the steps for an ideal testing procedure:
  2. The sample that is to be tested is placed in the desiccator or vacuum kit.
  3. The lid is closed to create the vacuum. 
  4. For a set period of time, a predefined vacuum is generated inside the desiccator. 
  5. The vacuum is set as per the test requirements or per the testing standard. 
  6. As soon the test starts, due to the negative pressure created by vacuum, the air inside the packet starts to inflate. 
  7. The sample is made to hold this position for certain time. After that, the vacuum is released.
  8. The air inside the packet starts to deflate. 

If the packet retains its original shape and size, it is declared as pass. On the other hand, if packet collapses, it is declared as fail.  

Presto manufactures a wide range of vacuum leak testers with customized specifications to fulfill the testing requirements of a large number of customers at the single point in time. The instruments are designed as per the standards that are given by various standardization authorities. 

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