Vacuum Leak Tester Digital

The Digital Eco Vacuum Leak Tester is a cost-effective and efficient testing solution designed to enhance the quality control processes in your packaging applications. Crafted with exceptional precision, this laboratory testing equipment is tailor-made for the accurate detection of leaks in a diverse range of packaging materials. Proficient in examining a wide array of items such as foiled cups, gels, grains, cereal, bakery products, confectionery items, frozen foods, cheese, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical products, the Digital Eco Vacuum Leak Tester is your go-to solution. Whether you need a vacuum leakage tester for testing your food packets against vacuum leakage or you want to preserve the integrity of your packaging then you must go for our vacuum testing machine.



This high quality vacuum leakage tester has been compiled with national as well as international standards including ASTM F 2338-09(2013), ASTM D 4991-07(2015), and ASTM D6653, ensuring accurate and reliable lab testing results.


How it works:
The  leak detector and seal integrity testing unit is a high-quality machine that consists of a clear acrylic vacuum chamber and system, a control valve, and an indicator gauge. Packages to be tested are simply placed in the clear acrylic vacuum tank, the lid is closed and 
Vacuum leak tester engaged. You can then choose which testing method to use based on your company’s standards and requirements. A complete test can be accomplished in just a matter of seconds with immediate results!

Testing Standards (Methods):
ASTM F 2338-09(2013) – Non-destructive detection of leaks in packages by vacuum decay method.
The ASTM D6653 is the standardized testing equipment that accurately determine the effect of high altitude on packaging systems.
ASTM D 4991-07(2015) – Destructive Leak integrity test by vacuum method for empty rigid containers. Leaks are detected under differential pressure conditions.

Testing Specimen Types:
Different types of testing specimen can easily be tested with the help of this testing equipment includes rigid trays, vacuum packs, themoform packages, sachets, flow wraps, form fill seal and reclosable packages.

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