Provide Better Protection to the Plastic Pouches with Effective Seal Testing

Protection to the Plastic Pouches-Effective Seal Testing

Heat sealing is a common phenomenon that is used for sealing of plastic pouches and sachets in the packaging industries. The plastic pouches are widely used for packaging of different products, and these pouches are meant to provide the best safety to the products while they are being transported and stored. The heat sealing done to the pouches has to be efficient enough that it could bear the pressure and forces that are exerted on them. To test the efficiency and strength of the sealing, a Laboratory Heat Sealer is used.

The heat sealer is an instrument that can be used for sealing a plastic pouch using predetermined pressure and temperature.  This can be helpful for the packaging manufacturers to evaluate the amount of force that they have to apply on the pouch for effective sealing. The manufacturers can use the instrument to seal the products under the desired conditions and then test the efficiency and strength of the sealing using different test methods such as seal strength tester.

Highlights of Presto’s Laboratory Heat Sealer

  1. The instrument can be used for sealing the pouches with different
  2. Both the jaws can be maintained at a different
  3. Separate temperature controllers and sensors are installed in the instrument for both the jaws.
  4. Temperature is controlled using efficient PID controllers.

Technical specifications of Laboratory Heat Sealers 

  1. The temperature range attained by the instrument is from 50 to 2500
  2. The least count of the instrument is 0.10
  3. There are two lengths of the sealing available with instrument that is 150 mm and 300 mm as per the requirement.

With the use of the Laboratory heat sealers, the manufacturers of plastic packaging pouches can easily ensure that the products that are sealed in the pouches are safe during the transportation and storage process. The instrument is capable of providing easy analysis of the sealing strength along with easy and simple operation.

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