Quality Control Parameters for Different Packaging Materials

Quality Control Parameters for Different Packaging Materials

Nowadays, the packaging industry is at its boom, with new innovations in the packing materials making transits safer. Be it B2B industry or B2C industry, everybody is relying on these packagers to deliver their consignments successfully. On the other hand, this industry is under a constant pressure of keeping up their reputation and commitments. To fulfil the demands and expectations of the clients, the packagers are performing various tests on the packaging materials as per the industrial requirements. In this article, we will shed some light on different industry and their packaging problems and how they can be dealt with.

Pharmaceutical industry – Anything which is even remotely associated with the health care will be counted as pharma product. This industry produces highly sensitive products and sometimes dangerous too, if consumed by the unintended user. So, the manufacturers hand over this responsibility to the packager that products should maintain their composition, shape and should reach only the intended consumer.

The very simple example of this is pushed down caps that are being used for syrups. They are specially designed so that children cannot open it. The syrups, which earlier were packed in glass bottles are now packed in PET bottles to avoid any breakage during the transition. Strip packaging for tablets, which earlier were done in paper packets is now replaced by aluminium foils and blister packings, which is a strong barrier against moisture and water.


E-commerce – Good packing is one attraction of good e-commerce brands. In fact, most of them are competing over it as a major aspect. This industry has taken one step ahead and introduced many fancy flexible and corrugated packings. Big brands invest a lot in testing machines like edge crush tester, scuff resistance tester to check if their packing is surviving the transit conditions or not. From having attractive prints and crucial information on the packet would impress the buyer at first instance. Even if you are buying an item of some 400 bucks from an online store, even then you would receive your item in attractive and durable packing.

Beverages – Aerated, non-aerated, alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, have always been a favourite of consumers’. But with new brands coming in, the established market of some big brands started to dwindle. Thus, to attract the buyers and new market, they are playing with the packing designs, styles and materials. Spout pouches are new attraction, which claims to be environment-friendly, low cost while keeping the contents fresh and hygiene. Colourful bottles with thematic shapes are definitely catching the eyes. Earlier, drinks were packed in glass bottles, but now cans, PET bottles, spout pouches are replacing conventional bottles. In fact, crown caps are being replaced by ring pull caps, eliminating the need bottle openers. This is how beverage packings are transforming.

Consumer Electronics – The demand for consumer electronics is rising exponentially. With the invasion of the internet in our lives, everything is getting smart. From smart phones to TVs to watches, etc. and IoT is the new craze. The devices are being smart and slim and delicate too for transportation. Their packaging plays an important role in product safety. Clamshells to smart corrugated boxes, linear board boxes and so on. To keep the products safe, it is mandatory to perform the test on the packings as well. Edge crush tester, bursting strength tester, peel strength tester, are some common machines that are used to check the sanity of the packings.

Food Industry – What tastes good should look good at first instance. Along with keeping the food items safe, hygienic and fresh, they should represent the food in nicest form. They must have attractive prints that should not fade off due to the friction of other materials in the surrounding. The seals should not leak, the packets should not burst, if items are packed in containers, they should not puff or leak. There are many aspects which are tested while food packings are considered.

Cosmetics industry – It is all about being attractive. Cosmetic packings are usually transparent to judge the colour of the content inside. Different packing styles like acrylic cases, PET jars and bottles, glass bottles, metal tubes, and so on. Different styles are followed while maintaining the aesthetics, they should make the product look good. They are usually tested for impact. If fallen from a height, they should not get broken. On the other hand, some products have mirrors inbuilt, it should not get cracked due to impact. There are many precautions taken while designing packaging for cosmetics.

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