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Edge Crush tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra
  • 19-06-2024

In the  packaging industry it is necessary to make sure that the corrugated boxes are strong and dependable.The Edge Crush Testing instrument (ECT) plays a crucial role in evaluating this attribute. The edge crush test ensures that standards of quality and accuracy are met.

The Edge Crush Tester measures the strength of the edges of the package, by applying a compressive force. This test is crucial as it directly correlates to the ability of the box to withstand stacking loads during transit. 

The test is performed by placing a sample of the corrugated material on its edge in the ECT machine and applying a compressive force until the material fails. The peak force sustained by the sample is recorded. Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. ensures that the Edge Crush Testing Machines are manufactured and designed as per the Test standard IS 7063.

ECT provides a direct measure of the material’s strength, helping manufacturers design boxes that can withstand stacking and handling stresses. ECT testing allows manufacturers to maintain consistent quality in their packaging materials. Thereby, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction. As manufacturers of testing instruments, Presto Stantest Pvt. ltd. ensures that testing equipment like the ECT adheres to industrial standards and complies with international quality standards.

By using the Edge crush test machine, Paper and Packaging manufacturers can reduce costs without compromising on strength, leading to more sustainable packaging solutions.


Working of the Edge Crush tester - 5-Step Process

  1. Preparation of Sample:

The first step of the edge crush test is the preparation of the specimen. The Corrugated sample must be prepared under the industrial standard of IS 7063, using the edge crush fixture provided with the instrument. In the case of the ring and flat test, the ring fixture must be used for the former and the flat crush fixture for the latter. 

  1. Placement of Sample:

After preparation of the specimen, the sample must be inserted in the specimen holder, between the compression plates. The sample must be perfectly perpendicular to the platens to ensure accurate results.

  1. Application of Force:

Once the test commences, the platens move together at a uniform speed to apply a compressive force to the sample. The sample is compressed until it fails, and the maximum force sustained before failure is recorded by the load cell. The load cell capacity is 100 kgf which can be increased to 500 kgf as per requirement. 

  1. Peak Force Measurement is done automatically by the instrument.  The ECT value is displayed by the instrument. 

  1. Data Interpretation: The data can further be reviewed for accuracy. Detailed reports, including graphs and statistical analysis, are generated in the Prima series.

What is ECT Value?

ECT is a measure of the edgewise compressive strength of a corrugated board or box It is measured by the help of an Edge Crush Tester.

The ECT Tester works on the principle of compressing a small segment of the board on its edge. In the testing process, crushing occurs between two rigid platens positioned perpendicular to the direction of the flutes. Pressure is steadily applied until reaching a peak load. This peak load is quantified in pounds per lineal inch of the load-bearing edge (lb/in). To simplify interpretation and enhance clarity, the final peak load is typically reported as an ECT (Edge Crush Test) value.

Different models are offered here at PRESTO!

  1. Edge crush tester RCT/FCT with Nitro LCD is designed with a microprocessor-based LCD display with an inbuilt calibration facility to ensure the accuracy of results. It also consists of feather touch buttons and auto peak detect facility to ensure consistency of results.


  1. ECT Crush tester Prima has been designed with an automated fast-moving human-machine interface powered by a Cortex A-8 high-speed processor.


Q/A regarding the Edge crush tester

Q. What factors can affect the results of an Edge Crush Test?

Several factors can affect ECT results, including the flute type and orientation, Moisture content of the cardboard, Sample preparation and handling, Test speed and plate alignment etc.

Q. How do you interpret Edge Crush Test results?

A. The result of an Edge Crush Test is typically expressed in force per unit length (e.g., kN/m or kgf). Higher values indicate stronger material. The results help in assessing the quality and performance of corrugated cardboard and in designing packaging solutions that meet specific strength requirements.

Q. Can Edge Crush Testing be automated?

  1. Yes, Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. offer automated models such as the digital model consisting of a microprocessor-based LCD and the New Prima series consisting of a machine Interface. The prima series provides us with the facility of generating computerized results, graphical representation etc. This automation improves accuracy and repeatability.

Benefits & Use of Measuring ECT

The edge crush test is uniquely valuable for assessing both the strength and stacking capability of corrugated boxes. It provides precise measurements of a material's resistance and strength. Using these results and the data compiled therein, manufacturers can produce boxes, packages and other products, by taking into account the material’s strength and protective capabilities.


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To attain maximum accuracy & precision while determining the crush strength of corrugated boxes, the Edge Crush Tester machine is the best lab testing instrument ever designed for you. The instrument is available with separate fixtures for ring crush, edge crush and flat crush. All these specifications are mentioned on our website, you can visit & check out all the necessary information.

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