Safe And Continuous Production Ensured With Combined Corrosion Testing

Safe And Continuous Production Ensured With Combined Corrosion Testing

The surface coatings are the most reliable source to protect the metal from corrosion. The Combined Corrosion Testing is performed to check the rust proof ability of surface coating. The testing equipment is available in different models with latest technologies and features. The most demanding Korrox III, which is a touch screen model, is very useful and efficient laboratory testing equipment for determining the resistance of materials in a salty environment. The plating and coating are used to save the underlying metal from corrosion. Therefore, the rust proof ability of the coating is crucial to protect the metal corrosion.

The testing equipment is manufactured following all the standard test methods to locate the resistive properties of the coatings against rust in different environmental conditions. The test span could take 24 hours or more depending on the type of test specimen. The sample is subjected to place in a salty environment, humid conditions, and wet conditions.

Evaluating the Service Life of Metal Coating with Combined Corrosion Testing

The combined corrosion testing is a significant process that helps the industries for the continuous production of industrial materials. The test helps in predicting the actual timing a metal could be affected by the corrosion and helps in planning the right quality of coatings to be used. The testing instrument is helpful for testing the quality of key components used in the automotive industry. The reliable and durable automotive parts are vital for the safety of the users. The corrosion makes the metal weak and allows quick damage.

During the combine corrosion testing, corrosion cycles are combined in the testing chamber (for example, dry and wet process, salt water spray, etc.) to evaluate the durability of the coated products or metals. Depending on the combination of corrosion cycles, corrosion resistance test can be performed to get the best correlation with the environments. The testing device is useful for the manufacturers and suppliers of the metallic materials, plating goods used in outdoor, and the painting products. The test procedure provides different climates that would be encountered in the natural world to detect the type of failure that might occur in metallic materials or coatings. This is the best tool to determine the service life of a metal.

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