Tensile Tester- Best Investment for Your Packaging Business

Tensile Tester- Best Investment for Your Packaging Business

The packaging industry is constantly evolving with the production of new products that will enhance the way of packaging. What was once a straightforward process has become increasingly complicated as products evolve and new technologies enter the marketplace. One of those changes that can have a dramatic impact on your business is how strong your packaging materials are, which often depends on the type of product you produce. That is why you should make use of quality testing instruments to test whether your products are of good quality for the customers or not.

One of the greatest factors in the packaging industry is the tensile strength of the material. It should be tested with the help of a tensile strength tester. It’s so important to test tensile strength before you purchase any material for use in your packaging design process. Without testing, you might be using a material with an insufficient tensile strength that will not provide adequate protection for whatever it holds inside. You don't want to risk losing customer goodwill by providing them with an improperly packaged product. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you brief information about our tensile strength tester and how it ensures that your package will be stay protected during shipping.

What is a tensile strength tester and how it helps to improve your packaging process?

The packaging industry is a fast-paced, competitive business. You need to be on top of the latest trends and technologies so you can stay ahead of your competition. But how do you know which materials are the strongest? Tensile strength testing tells you exactly how strong each material is so that you can find out if it will work for your needs or not. This means, with the help of the Presto tensile strength tester, you will measure how much force will be needed to break a sample.

Packaging materials are tested for tensile strength because they need to be strong enough to withstand the stresses that come with handling, storage, and transportation. If your packaging material can't withstand these stresses then it will not provide you with the protection you want for your product. Tensile testing is important for all types of packaging materials including paperboard boxes, plastic films, corrugated board containers, and more. The stronger or thicker the material is usually means higher tensile strength numbers. Presto has come up with different models of tensile strength testers that will help you determine the tensile properties of materials. Let’s have a look at them.

Different models of tensile strength tester from Presto

We all know that packaging manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to design packaging that is safe, durable, and affordable. Tensile strength testing of materials can help them accomplish these goals by identifying the most appropriate material for their application. Packaging tensile strength tests are usually conducted on a sample before manufacturing large quantities to ensure quality standards are being met.

Here we have listed different models of Presto tensile strength testers.

  • Tensile Tester Computerised cum Digital Model ATTM 50 (C)  
  • Tensile Testing Machine (Cap. : 10000 kgf.) Digital Model no. ADTTM 10000
  • Tensile Testing Machine (Cap. : 1000 kgf.) Digital Model : ATTM 1000  
  • Tensile Testing Machine (Cap.: 100 kgf.) Digital Model : ATTM 100
  • Tensile Testing Machine (Cap. : 2500 kgf.) Digital Model ADTTM 2500  
  • Tensile Testing Machine (Cap. : 250 kgf.) Digital Model : ATTM 250   
  • Tensile Testing Machine (Cap. : 5000 kgf.) Digital Model : ATTM 5000  
  • Tensile Testing Machine (Cap. : 500 kgf.) Digital Model ADTTM 500  
  • Tensile Testing Machine (Cap. : 50 kgf.) Digital Model : ATTM 50
  • Tensile Testing Machine Digital Model 100kgf (New Model)

These are different models of Presto tensile strength testers that you must consider. These models are different in properties and make your tensile strength testing much easier. With the use of our tensile testing machines, you will be able to reduce the package defects and which in turn will reduce your product rejections. A lack of tensile strength in packaging materials could result in damaged packages or even worse. Therefore, it's important to test the tensile strength before shipment and use only high-quality materials.


The tensile strength of packaging materials is important to know. It's not enough to make sure that the packaging material you use is strong enough for its intended purpose, but it also needs to be able to withstand forces from outside sources. Failure in tensile strength could lead to a breakage or an opening which will affect the product inside. This can lead to safety hazards or even injury if someone comes into contact with sharp objects like glass fragments. Tensile testing ensures that your products are safe and secure during transit, storage, and use by consumers. Therefore, with the help of Presto tensile strength testers, you will easily deliver your products without any damage to your customers. To know more about our different models of tensile strength testers, you can easily call us at +91 129 4272727 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. Our technical support team will get in touch with you and provide you with effective information about our testing machines.

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