The Impact of Accurate Color Matching in Product Quality Assurance

The Impact of Accurate Color Matching in Product Quality Assurance

Colour is one of the most important aspects of product design. Accurate colours will not only ensure that there will be no issue of Metamerism but also provide consistency in product colours. Accurate colour matching plays a crucial role in ensuring that products meet quality standards and are aesthetically pleasing to consumers. Therefore, we at Presto have designed a high-quality lab testing instrument known as Color Matching Cabinet Spectrum Asia. This is one of the high-quality laboratory testing equipment that provides a standardized environment for the evaluation and visual assessment of colours accurately.

This quality lab testing instrument is widely used in the paint, plating and paper industries where there is a need for colour matching accurately. This quality testing instrument provides a standardized and controlled environment to view the product in different light sources.
In this article post, we will explore why accurate colour matching is critical in product quality assurance and how the Presto colour matching testing instrument has been designed to overcome the challenge of Metamerism.

Why accurate colour matching is important?

Accurate colour matching is critical in product quality assurance because it ensures that products are consistent with each other and with the expectations of customers. When products are not properly colour-matched, it can lead to customer dissatisfaction and returns.
When it comes to product quality assurance, accurate colour matching is critical. This is because the colours of products can greatly affect how consumers perceive them.
If the colours of a product do not match, it can be difficult to identify the product, and that will affect the brand’s reputation.
But, we at Presto have designed a high-quality lab testing instrument known as colour matching box that will effectively test the colour consistency of products and ensure that products will appear the same in every light source.
Presto is a leading colour matching testing instrument manufacturer and designs this quality testing instrument at the best and most affordable prices.
Now, let us discuss brief information about this quality testing equipment.

A brief about Presto colour matching cabinet

Presto colour-matching cabinets are an excellent choice when it comes to ensuring accurate and reliable colour assessment. These cabinets provide standardized and controlled lighting conditions, allowing for consistent colour evaluation across different viewing sessions.
With a wide viewing area, they accommodate various sizes of samples, enabling efficient and comprehensive colour matching. The colour-matching cabinet will utilize high-quality light sources, ensuring precise colour rendering and minimizing Metamerism.
Furthermore, Presto colour-matching cabinets comply with internationally recognized standards such as ISO 3664, BS 950, ASTM D 1729, and DIN 6173, ensuring that your colour assessments align with industry norms and requirements. When it comes to colour matching, the Presto colour matching cabinet offers the reliability, precision, and compliance necessary for accurate colour evaluation. Thus, you can easily improve the appearance of products with the Presto colour-matching testing instruments.
Now, let us discuss the features and technical specifications of this quality lab testing equipment.

Features of Presto colour matching cabinet Spectrum Asia

Presto colour matching cabinets are an excellent choice for colour evaluation and matching due to their exceptional features and adherence to international standards. Below we have listed the features of this high-quality lab testing equipment.
  • Standardized and controlled lighting conditions.
  • Wide Viewing Area
  • High-Quality Light sources are used.
  • Standards: ISO 3664, BS 950, ASTM D 1729, DIN 6173
  • Easy to use
  • Provides highly accurate lab testing results
With these high-end features, one can easily operate this machine and ensure accuracy in testing results. Now, let us discuss the technical specifications of this quality testing instrument.

Technical specifications of Presto colour matching cabinet

  • The equipment is fitted with FIVE Light Sources as per CIE International Standards:
  • D – 65 – Artificial daylight – 2 Nos.
  • TFL Light-Tungsten Filament – 4 Nos.
  • TL – 84 Light-Point of Sale – 1No.
  • UVB Light-Ultra Violet – 1 No.
  • CWF Light-Cool white fluorescent – 1 No.
  • Hour Meter-Imported from Germany to record the cumulative usage.
  • The angle of the viewing booth – is 45 degree
  • Viewing Booth Material – Wood or Steel
  • Time Totalizer – up to 99999.9 hours
  • The Presto colour-matching cabinet is manufactured strictly as per ASTM standards and comes complete with an instruction manual and conformance certificate.
By using a Presto colour matching box, manufacturers can easily commence the colour matching test and ensure that quality materials will be delivered to the customers.

Benefits of Accurate Color Matching in product design

Accurate colour matching brings several benefits across various industries and applications. Below we have listed the top benefits of using colour-matching testing instruments for your industry:

  • Accurate colour matching ensures consistency in product appearance. Whether it's textiles, paints, or paper products, testing the colours of the product accurately will not only solve the problem of Metamerism.
  • By minimizing colour discrepancies, manufacturers can avoid costly errors and material wastage caused by colour mismatches. This, in turn, improves efficiency and saves resources, leading to cost savings. 
  • In industries such as printing and packaging, accurate colour matching is vital for meeting customer expectations and regulatory requirements. Precisely reproducing colours ensures that printed materials, labels, and packaging accurately represent brand colours and comply with industry standards. 
You can read more about the top 3 benefits of Presto colour-matching cabinets in different industries. If you want more information about the use of our quality testing instrument, then give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at We have a team of technical experts that will guide you well regarding all your testing instrument needs.


Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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