Torque Testing-Important Aspect of Pet Packaging Inspection

Torque Testing-Important Aspect of Pet Packaging Inspection

Requirement of Testing in PET industries

Seal or bottle cap torque is one of the major properties that explain the quality of PET containers, and that lead to fatal accidents if any defect is found. To ensure the seal or opening-closing strength of the bottle caps, various tests are performed on the bottles in the testing laboratories of PET & Preform industries to ensure the leakage strength or leak integrity properties, opening and closing strength of PET bottles. One such test which is used in PET industries to ensure the quality of the products is Torque Testing. The testing procedure helps to measure the quality of the bottle caps and lids accurately and easily.

Use of PET containers in Different Sectors

PET containers are used in different industries for the purpose of refilling of liquids, acids, chemicals, medicines, beverages and many more. One of the most popular industries where PET bottles are used on a large scale is Pharmaceutical Industry. The manufacturers in these industries make use of plastic and PET bottles for the purpose of filling syrups and liquid orals as they are non-reactive to the chemicals and do not affect the health of the consumers in any manner. With the wide usage of PET containers in different sectors, it is necessary to test the quality of Pet products using different testing techniques and different testing instruments.


Torque Testing – For Quality Determination of Bottles Caps

Torque Testing Machines are one of the most popular testing devices that are used in PET products manufacturing industries to measure the opening and closing strength required to open a bottle torque. It is considered as the best quality control equipment which is used in production lines as well as in testing laboratories for testing the quality of the bottle caps.


The testing procedure is followed before the packaging process is initiated. This is also known as a destructive testing technique in which multiple samples are required to judge the weakness in the torque strength of bottle caps during the process of screwing.

How can Torque testing be performed?

The testing instruments which is used to perform the torque test easily and efficiently is Torque Tester. The testing instrument allows explaining the torque tolerances of the bottle caps. Two limits are defined while performing the test according to the type of bottles i.e. lower limit and upper limit. The lower limit of the test is considered as the minimum strength required opening the cap of the bottle. It is set appropriately to avoid the fatal accidents cause due to leakage from the bottle caps. On the other hand, the higher tolerance of the test is considered as the maximum strength that the users apply to open the bottle caps.

Once the tolerances of torques are defined, the Torque Testing Machine can be used to check the torque strength of bottles. If the measurements are out of the limit, the machine needs to be adjusted. It is also true that the change in the temperature also modifies the characteristics of the products and torque measurement also varies accordingly. Hence, the manufacturers need to check and control the torque strength of the bottle caps in different temperatures at least 24 hours after the process of packaging.

Best Instrument for Torque Measurement

Presto Stantest, one of the leading manufacturer suppliers of the testing machine, offers premium quality of Torque Testing Equipment. The instrument is best enough in measuring the minimum and maximum strength required to open the caps of the bottles. The instrument offers highly precise results as it is designed by the highly skilled professionals keeping in mind the standards that are provided by standardization regulatory bodies.  For more information on torque testers,

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