What are the recommended steps for accurately filling glycerin in a Bursting tester?

What are the recommended steps for accurately filling glycerin in a Bursting tester?

If you're in the paper or packaging industry, testing the quality of paper and packaging material is an important step in ensuring the accuracy of products. Bursting strength is considered to be the essential property of paper and packaging material that evaluates the resistance of these materials against bursting. By testing the durability of these materials against bursting, manufacturers can reduce product rejection rates and ensure that accurate products will be delivered to the customers. Presto is Asia’s No.1 manufacturer of lab testing instruments and designs this quality testing equipment at the best and most affordable prices.

Glycerin added to the bursting strength tester will help in the proper functioning of the machine. It will help in preventing the rapid pressure and fluctuations within this lab testing instrument. It is important for the manufacturers to fill the glycerin properly within this burst testing machine.
In this blog, we will discuss brief information about Presto Burst Genie 2.0 and how you can accurately fill the glycerin in this lab testing instrument.

Test the reliability of products against Bursting with Presto Bursting Strength Tester

Safeguarding the integrity of products against bursting is a crucial step of quality control. By subjecting paper and packaging products to bursting strength force, manufacturers can easily assess the durability of materials. Thus, we at Presto being the leading manufacturer of lab testing instruments have designed high-quality Burst Genie 2.0.
This is one of the high-quality lab testing equipment that can easily test the quality of products against bursting and automatically calculate the bursting factor of the materials.
By subjecting paper and packaging materials to bursting strength tests, manufacturers can easily gain valuable insights into their durability and resistance against potential damage or rupture.
Moreover, understanding the bursting strength aids in determining optimal packing techniques while minimizing wastage due to inadequate protection. Presto Burst Genie 2.0 has been made accurately for measuring the bursting strength of paper and its related products by subjecting them to uniform hydraulic pressure.
This high-quality packaging testing instrument will work accurately by applying a hydraulic load beneath a specified area of the sample, which is then expressed in kg/cm².  You can read more on the working principle of bursting strength tester and ensure that accurate products will be delivered to the customers.
Now, let us discuss the features and technical specifications of this quality testing equipment.

Features of Presto Burst Genie 2.0

This high-quality lab testing instrument has been made with highly advanced features that make it easy for paper and packaging manufacturers to conduct bursting strength tests on the materials with ease. Below we have listed the top features of this quality testing equipment.
  • Automatic burst factor calculation in the paper
  • Single Push Button Operation
  • Microprocessor-based display for accurate test results
  • Peak Hold facility for keeping the maximum value of test results in memory
  • Memory to hold up to 9 test reading
  • Highly accurate test results under multidirectional Force
  • Strong Gripping clamps
  • Grooved structure of Test Specimen Holder to avoid slippage and intact holding of the specimen under test
  • No slippage in case the specimen is tightened uniformly using the operating wheel
  • Bright LED display
  • Feather touch controls
  • Calibration lock & key feature

Technical specifications of Presto Burst Genie 2.0

  • Capacity: 40 kg/cm²
  • Display: LED (Digital)
  • Accuracy: ± 1% within 10% to 90% of the entire range as per IS: 1828 with the master gauge
  • Least Count/Resolution: 0.1Kg/cm2
  • Power: 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Test fluid: Glycerin is about 98% purified (lab grade)
  • Rate of fluid displacement: 95 cc/minute
  • Motor: 1/4 HP Single Phase, 1440 rpm
  • Test Range: 1Kg / cm to 38 Kg / cm2
With these high-end features and technical specifications, manufacturers can easily conduct quality tests on the materials and ensure that accurate products will be delivered to the customers.
Now, let us discuss some easy steps to fill glycerin in the bursting strength tester.

Easy steps to fill glycerin in Bursting Strength Tester

  • Firstly, tighten the upper clamp with the help of the operating wheel to tighten the lower clamp and glycerin bowl. This will help in the prevention of spillage of glycerin from the bowl.
  • Using the Wrench, loosen the diaphragm fixing clamp.
  • Now move the upper clamp upwards and take the diaphragm fixing clamp separate from the unit.
  • Pull up the Rubber diaphragm by hand and remove it from the unit.
  • Using the glycerin bottle, pour lab-grade glycerin into the cylinder. You can easily buy glycerin for the bursting strength tester by consulting with us.
  • Once the glycerin is filled, place the rubber diaphragm in its previous position followed by the pressure plate and diaphragm holding clamp and bring the upper clamp down with the help of the operating wheel.
  • Now tighten the diaphragm clamp with the clamp wrench.
In this way, you can easily fill the glycerin and ensure the smooth functioning of the machine. Just give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at cmailto:info@prestogroup.com to know more about this quality testing instrument.
Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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