What is a Colour Matching Cabinet and Why You Should Need It?

What is a Colour Matching Cabinet and Why You Should Need It?

The colour of materials is determined by the geometry and unique characteristics of the lighting and viewing conditions. This procedure establishes a standard for evaluating the colours and colour contrasts of opaque specimens that are diffusely illuminated. Daylight, the natural illuminant, is normally the focus of attention, yet it is very changeable and unavailable at night or in enclosed spaces. Thus, testing your specimen in different lighting conditions is of utmost importance in order to make sure that the best quality of products is delivered to your customers. Presto comes up with a high-quality colour matching cabinet that helps to assess the colour consistency and quality.

With the help of the Presto colour matching cabinet, you will be able to deliver the right materials to your customers and overcome the metamerism present in your products. Let’s find out how this amazing lab testing instrument will help you to perform the visual assessment of different materials like fabrics, textiles, plastics, etc. 

Assess the coherence between the colours of the product using colour matching cabinet

Colour is important in all production verticals because it gives attractiveness to items and improves their look. The problem of Metamerism, however, is the most serious issue that occurs with the goods. Metamerism is a phenomenon that describes how colour seems to vary depending on the source of light, resulting in a significant quality flaw in the products. As a result, manufacturers must assess the brilliance and uniformity of colours used in various production verticals. Thus, to overcome the issue of metamerism, it is important for you to test your product under several lighting conditions.

We at Presto is considered to be the best manufacturers of colour matching cabinet in India and help to improve your product quality. Our testing instruments are made in accordance with industry standards and provide you with accurate testing results.

Presto provides you with different models of colour matching cabinet testing instruments, it includes Color Matching Cabinet USA spectrum, Color Matching Cabinet Asia Spectrum, and Color Matching Cabinet Euro Spectrum.

You can choose from these models and evaluate the quality of colours. The presto colour matching cabinet is a universally preferred choice since it provides faster, closer and accurate colour matching. Our colour matching cabinet testing instrument is manufactured strictly as per ASTM standards* and comes complete with an instruction manual and conformance certificate.

Features of the colour matching cabinet (Spectrum USA)

The Color Matching Cabinet- Spectrum USA (Colour Matching Cabinet designed for American Buyers with Feather Touch Microprocessor Control) is extremely beneficial for the general colour evaluation of small samples. In a colour-neutral environment, it provides a simple and rapid comparison of samples under different lighting conditions.

There are many features you will get with the use of this lab testing instrument.  

    • Standardized and controlled lightening conditions.
    • Wide Viewing Area
    • High-Quality Light sources used
    • Fitted with Electronic Choke for Instant Illumination.
    • Easy to manage; fitted with individual switches for each light source.
    • Imported Hour totalizer incorporated.

Technical specifications of Color matching cabinet

  • The angle of Viewing Booth: 45 Degree
  • Viewing Booth Material: Wood or Steel
  • Lights:
    • D 65 Artificial Daylight,
    • TL 84 Triphospher Fluorescent Light (Point of Sale),
    • UV-B Blacklight Ultra Violet Black Light,
    • INCA Incandescent Light,
    • U-30 Ultra-loom 30 light
  • Time Totalizer: Up to 10000 hours
  • No. of D-65 lights: 2
  • No. of U-30 lights: 1
  • No. of UV-B lights: 1
  • No. of TL-84(Point of Sale) lights: 1
  • No. of INCA lights: 1
  • No. of CWF lights: 1

With these features and technical specifications, you will be able to test the quality of colours and get the right coloured product delivered to your customers. To get brief information about different models of this lab testing instrument, give us a call now at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com.

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