What is the Use of Hot Air Ovens in The Microbiology Industry?

What is the Use of Hot Air Ovens in The Microbiology Industry
  • Gaurav Malhotra

A hot air oven is a type of heat sterilization equipment used in various laboratories. This amazing testing instrument will easily destroy the microorganisms as well as bacterial spores with precise temperature control. This type of testing instrument can also be used for material drying applications. Hot air in the chamber will circulate around the sample, heating up all sides of it uniformly at once. Presto is the leading hot air oven manufacturer that will provide you with a different range of hot air ovens equipped with an advanced set of features. You can easily view different models of this amazing testing instrument designed by the experts at Presto. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you the information about Hot air oven that is being used in the microbiology industry. So, read this blog till the end to get complete knowledge about Hot air ovens.

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Introduction about hot air oven

A hot air oven is a type of lab testing instrument that is used to heat up the products at a uniform temperature. A hot air oven is used to sterilize the product in a particular period of time under specific conditions like humidity, pressure, and other environmental factors. Hot air oven controls the humidity level by removing moisture from the products and combining the airflow with heat.

You can easily sterilize several items in this testing equipment. It includes Petri dishes, glassware, powder, materials, and metal equipment. The hot air oven sterilizes the product by keeping them in an incubator at a particular temperature for few hours. It will effectively destroy microorganisms and bacteria present in the product along with their spores to keep them free from contamination. Hot air ovens can be used for a wide range of products like food, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.

Different types of hot air ovens by Presto

There are different types of hot air ovens that are designed by experts at Presto. We have created a list of some of them that you can choose from.

  • Laboratory Hot Air Oven: This testing instrument with a unique test cabinet will be designed to detect the change in physical activities of a material when exposed to high temperatures. It will work on forced air circulation and thermal convection principles that will be suitable to conduct the heat tests. This testing equipment can be found with a temperature range up to 250 degrees Celsius. It also contains two adjustable shelves and digital modes to ease its operation.

  • Laboratory hot air oven-touch screen model: Another model provided by Presto is the touch screen model that allows you to adjust and monitor the heat tests. It comes with the size of 455x455x455 mm with a temperature range of up to 250 degrees Celsius. You will find an electromagnetic door switch with real-time data logging system.

These are the two models of Presto Hot Air Oven that you can find as laboratory ovens for testing purposes. You can choose any of them as per your requirements. Now, let us focus on the use of this amazing testing equipment in the microbiology industry.

Use of hot air oven in the microbiology industry

Hot air ovens are used for testing food products, pharmaceutical items, and other consumable materials to check their temperature stability during the shelf life. Hot Air Oven plays a significant role in the sterilization process as it is also known as Hot Sterilizer. It will help you maintain the sterility of your room when you work with pathogenic microorganisms in the lab. This testing instrument from Presto is supplied with a calibration certificate.

Purpose Of Using A Hot Air Oven

Hot air ovens are laboratory testing equipment that are used to sterilise materials such as glassware, chemicals, and sealed containers.They are also used for drying, baking, curing, and heat-treating various substances. Used of Hot Air Oven in Laboratories are extremely popular because they provide an efficient and safe way to sterilise and dry instruments and materials.


Hot air oven is excellent testing equipment used in various industrial sectors such as pharmaceutical, food, and other consumable industries. Hot air oven from Presto ensures 100% calibration accuracy to meet your requirement of microbiological safety standards. Hot air oven is available in different models and at the most affordable price with high quality. You can easily go with free sample testing sessions for this testing instrument by calling the experts at Presto on +91 129 4272727.

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