What is the Working Principle for Conducting an Izod/ Charpy Impact Test?

What is the Working Principle for Conducting an Izod/ Charpy Impact Test?
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Materials like hard plastics & polymers are widely used in the production processes of numerous final goods. These materials have become the prime choice of manufacturers due to their longevity and affordability. However, it is highly necessary to ensure their durability against impacts because the durability of these materials depends upon the quality of the polymer being utilized by the manufacturer in the production process of the final product.

To keep these final goods resilient and firm against impacts due to fatal accidents and hazards, it is highly necessary to perform a testing measure as per standards on these materials. For example, hard plastics that are widely used in the automobile industry like cars, motorcycles & other vehicles are tested against accidents before being given the certificate to be out there on the roads to minimize risk.

To evaluate these materials during the initial stages of production and minimize the scope of future losses, the Presto Group offers a top-quality lab testing instrument called the Izod Charpy Impact tester.

The lab testing instrument is designed to conduct the Charpy impact test by following the principle of pendulum impact on the specimen. Understanding the functional mechanism of the instrument is crucial for diving deeper into the workings of the instrument.

Functioning of the Izod Charpy Impact Tester

The concept of using the pendulum principle in the lab testing instrument is derived from the two scientists Izod & Charpy. Both scientists realized the need to evaluate the resistance of plastic materials against impacts and came up with this pendulum testing principle. The two individuals had different ideas of assessing which were later picked up by other experts and ended up with the Izod Charpy impact tester. 

To commence with the test, it is highly necessary to condition the specimen. The specimen must be conditioned with the help of a notch cutter. The motorized notch cutter carves out a V-shaped notch of 2.54mm that complies with the guidelines of the standards.

Once the specimen is conditioned perfectly, the operator can position the specimen within the grippers of the instrument to ensure no movement due to the rugged surface.  The operator must make sure that the notch carved out on the specimen with the motorized notch cutter faces the pendulum in such a way that on the release of the pendulum, it makes the first contact with the specimen at the notch. 

The operator has to evaluate the weight of the pendulum or the hammer associated on top of the Izod Charpy impact tester. The different weights generate different amounts of impact energy & thus forces, allowing the operator to test the resilience of the Izod impact test specimen at different levels.

When the pendulum impacts the specimen at the notch, it results in the breaking of the Izod impact test specimen. The results of the Izod or Charpy impact test are indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display. The lab testing instrument allows the operator to keep track of these results accurately.

To perform the Izod impact test, the same process is to be followed. However, the size of the specimen is a little bigger and the positioning of the sample is horizontal to that of vertical in the Charpy impact test. The difference between Izod and Charpy impact tests allows the operator to assess the specimen accurately from both ways and also aids the operator in testing different sizes of the specimen.

The Izod Charpy Impact tester is a feature-enriched lab testing instrument that promotes single-handed testing with absolute facile and also ensures accuracy-driven results with certain safety measures necessary for the operator to undertake.

Key Features of the Izod Charpy Impact Tester

The lab testing equipment has been trusted by manufacturers from the polymer & plastic industry due to the presence of such futuristic features within the instrument that enhance the working module of the instrument.

The foremost feature is the safety assurance it provides. The product is equipped with a high-quality magnetic door to ensure that the specimen does not harm anybody or anything on being broken due to the impact.

The availability of different weights allows the operator & the manufacturer to comply with various standard guidelines by getting their hands on only one instrument.

The conduction of the Charpy impact test & Izod impact test becomes easier due to the presence of different gripping slots for both testing measures. These gripping slots have rugged surfaces that ensure no slippage of the test specimen during the course of the test, enabling the operator to reach accurate results.

The lab testing equipment is offered with a microprocessor-based display that indicates the results after the conduction of both tests, assisting the operator in keeping track of records and critically analyzing the results as per the test standards.

The instrument’s construction attracts manufacturers from all across industries due to the high-quality & durable materials used in the production of the device. The instrument is equipped with mild sheet materials, offering a 7-layered powder paint coating to ensure rustproofing and anti-corrosive properties. 

The additional accessory called the motorized notch cutter helps in the conditioning of the sample as per the standard guidelines and enables the operator to achieve high levels of accuracy. Manufacturers can avail of this feature to minimize human effort and thus the scope of human error.

All these features combined together aid the operator in reaching high levels of accuracy by conducting the Izod & Charpy impact test within no time.  

Book an Order for the Izod Charpy Impact Tester As Soon As Possible

To get your hands on the top-notch lab testing instrument aiding manufacturers in assessing & evaluating the impact resistance of polymers, you can simply visit our website. You can also find answers to your questions on our website. For further discussion and to place an order, you can simply reach out to us at +91 9210903903 or directly place an email at info@prestogroup.com

The lab testing equipment has gained the trust of numerous manufacturers all across industries due to the high-quality build along with the top-notch after-sales service.

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