Why Is It Necessary To Perform Compression Load Testing?

Why Is It Necessary To Perform Compression Load Testing

A compression test helps to measure the performance of materials such as corrugated boxes, heavy boxes, fiber boards, heavy boxes and many more which are kept under heavy weights. In the test procedure, the test samples are compressed using heavy loads and the pressure at which the material deforms recorded at different loads. The tension or compression on the material hence calculated and graphically represented format which is known as stress tension diagram. This representation helps to calculate the elastic limit, proportional limit, compression strength, yield point and yield strength of different materials.

Importance of Compression Test

Performing compression test using compression load testing machine is the best and the highly effective way that measures the deforming or rupture limit and the behavior of the materials. To calculate these properties, it is necessary to measure the flow behavior of the materials that requires stable test conditions or homogeneous compression by acquiring the benefits of barrel formation, controlled stress, and other adverse conditions in the middle of the barreled facade which is considered when the compression is carried out with abrasion. Measuring the compression strength is a very useful property that measures the change in the level of strains that occur during the process of testing. It is very helpful to measure the elastic or fracture properties due to compression of products with low ductility.

Samples to Test the Compression Strength

Compression test with the compression load testing machine is performed in different applications on various products such as metals, cardboards, composites, corrugated boxes, ceramics, plastic and many more.

Presto Stantest manufactures different models of box compression tester with customized specifications to fulfill the requirements of a vast number of customers. The instrument is designed on the basis of standards that are introduced by national and international standardization authorities.

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