Why it is important to gauge top-load strength and how it is measured?

Why it is important to gauge top-load strength and how it is measured

Down-gauging or Light-weighting is an essential concern for all manufacturers, mainly for the packaging manufacturers and for the manufacturers of Pet & Preform bottles. Light-weighting is achieved by dropping the quantity of raw material used in the formation of the packaging. It is significant that using less quantity raw material does not lead to poor quality and weaker container which usually collapse and fail during their life cycle.

Top Load testing has confirmed to be one of the most correct methods for consistently gauging container reliability. Manufacturers of any type of containers, from all production verticals, particularly from plastic industry must ensure that their end products withstand the estimated forces they will experience during:

  • The capping or filling process
  • Warehousing Stacking

Presto understands the necessity and importance of down-gauging or light-weighting and developed an extensive range of reasonable Top-Load Testers that allow manufacturers and producers to test their goods for axial load strength in harmony with industry and international standards.

How it is configured?

The power and versatility of Presto’s range of Top Load testers make them ideal for testing both bottle height and axial load strength, all in one testing instrument. The instrument provides compressive buckling force in digital format. It’s a fully automatic machine which is equipped with a motor.

The most popular product offer tests for multiple applications which can exert forces up to 100 kilogram-force which is quite enough for medium and small containers. The instrument is operated with a single push button and fits easily on all laboratory benches and on production verticals.

How versatile is the product?

The instrument is used to measure peak compression strength along with the load at specific deflection. It also measures the height of the bottle along with its top load strength.

How the machine can be operated?

Top-Load Tester includes simple process that anyone can perform:

The testing equipment is operated by placing a test sample or a preform bottle between the two concave jaws to avoid slippage. Switch on the machine to start the test. Set Auto Tare and Peak value at zero. Now start the Top Load test and switch off the machine once you view the buckling effect on the bottle. Record the Peak compression strength from the digital indicator.

Key Features of Top Load Tester

  • The testing equipment offers easy and quick operations that can be operated by any person irrespective of their skill level.
  • It is a fully automatic machine equipped with a motor that displays clear and accurate results in digital format.
  • Provides a facility to the users to stop the test after viewing the buckling in Pet Bottles.
  • The machine is duly fitted with an imported kit that efficiently supports the working of the tester.

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