Why Top Load Tester from Presto is the Best Instrument for PET Bottle Testing?

Why Top Load Tester from Presto is the Best Instrument for PET Bottle Testing

The top-load test or compression test is one of the most common tests that will be used in the PET bottle industry to ensure the quality of PET bottles. This test will be conducted with the help of a top load tester designed by skilled experts at Presto. This amazing testing apparatus has been equipped with an advanced set of features that will make the testing process much simple and effective.

By conducting the top load test, you will easily be able to measure the top load that will be applied to the material. At Presto Testing Instruments, you will get a wide variety of top-load testing instruments. It includes a digital top load tester, Touch screen, and digital cum computerized top load tester.  

To ensure that you are delivering quality products especially PET bottles or containers to their clients, you can easily make use of this testing instrument.

In the PET bottle industry, it is very important to make sure that you make use of lightweight bottles so that there will be no problems faced while shipping. Thus, to achieve this requirement the manufacturers take the test of each and every aspect of the material. Thus they make use of various machines including a top load tester to test if the bottles will remain safe by adding top load. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the features of the digital top-load testing instrument from Presto. By reading its features, you will easily be able to get an idea about the quality and precision of this testing machine. So, let us get started!

Features of digital top load tester by Presto

Presto is considered to be the leading instrument supplier and manufacturer of India. It offers a wide range of top-load testers that will be helpful in conducting the top-load tests on various materials like PET bottles. It is most commonly used in the bottle industry to test the load-bearing capacity of bottles and providing the compressive buckling load to the materials.

Thus, you can easily make use of this testing equipment to make sure that you deliver high-quality bottles. With the help of this testing machine, you will easily be able to determine the force exerted on the packaging product like PET bottles during production and subsequent filling. There are many features of using this amazing machine.

  • The digital model of the top load testing machine is fully automatic and helpful in displaying the results easily.
  • The bottle or testing specimen will be placed between concave jaws to ensure that there is no slippery material.
  • This instrument is rigid and has a metal base plate and is finished in an autumn grey color that will look sophisticated and provides accurate data output.
  • The bright digital LED displays and feather touch controls will be helpful in determining the results with ease.
  • The best part is that we at Presto will provide you with the in-house calibration facility as well.
  • Zero slippings of the specimen while testing.

These are some amazing features you will get with the use of a digital top load testing machine from Presto. You can directly call us at +91 9210 903903 or mail us at info@prestogroup.com. We will provide you a free demo related to our product.

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