3 Steps to Perfect Drop Test of Carton Box

3 Steps to Perfect Drop Test of Carton Box

Carton boxes are the ultimate packaging solution for carrying delicate as well as heavy objects to far distances. Therefore, high standard quality control is required to assure the strength of the boxes. Drop Tester is used for performing free fall drop test on the specimen from a specified height to evaluate the real-time performance of box in conditions where jerks are experienced. Manufacturers are putting complicated test machineries into work to conduct precise drop test but this is resulting into investment of time and confusing test data.

Here we bring you a 3-step process to evaluate the drop performance of carton boxes:
  1. Prepare the carton box by sealing its opening using adhesive tapes.
  2. Place the box on the sample placement stage and clamp it firmly. Specimen box can be place either flat or in a particular angle.
  3. Set the drop height as per industry requirement, and release the handle to drop the box. The test results can be inspected visually.
The drop test equipment is a highly standardized design and follows international test standards to deliver zero error results. It is used to assess the capability of the packaging box under sudden drop conditions. It is observed that if the carton box is fit enough to withstand the drops experienced during transit conditions or shipping. Complies with IS: 7028 Pt IV drop test standard to deliver precise test results.

Normal drop and angular drop facility both are present in the equipment. The angular drop is vital to check the carton drop worthiness from all angles. Suitable for testing carton box, corrugated boxes, PET bottles, containers, Cans etc. Guide mechanism is used to lift the sample placement easily and smoothly. The drop height can be adjusted to wide range distance.

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