Drop Tester - Manually Operated

The Drop Tester (As per IS:7028 Pt IV) is a useful equipment for ascertaining the transport worthiness of corrugated & solid fiber boxes and shipping containers. It has provision with angular drop arrangement to help accurately ascertain the transport worthiness of the package from all angles.


The Drop Tester, compliant with IS:7028 Pt IV standards, proves to be a valuable apparatus for assessing the transport suitability of corrugated, solid fiber boxes, and shipping containers. Featuring an angular drop arrangement, it ensures a precise evaluation of transport worthiness from various angles. drop test machine helps manufacturers in ensuring the integrity of packages by conducting accurate drop strength tests.


This Drop Tester machine is extensively employed across diverse industries to test and validate the strength of plastic bottles and corrugated boxes. Operating by dropping a test specimen from a specified height, it determines the specimen's strength. The testing equipment offers customization options, allowing it to be tailored to different specifications based on customer demands.


The drop strength tester has been equipped with a guide mechanism that allows for the convenient uplift of the test platform. Additionally, it features a drop height adjustable clamp, making it easy to customize the drop height as per your testing requirements. This testing equipment has the ability to perform both straight and angular drop tests using a single instrument, providing flexibility in testing procedures. The strong base plate and rugged structure of the  drop tester ensure stability and durability, making it a reliable choice for a variety of drop-testing applications.

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