What Makes Tensile Strength Tester an Important Instrument for All Industries?

What Makes Tensile Strength Tester an Important Instrument for All Industries?

 The materials that we are surrounded by on a daily basis must undergo some quality-checking processes before reaching out to be consumed & utilized within the market. The utilization of polymer, textile, rubber, metal & various other materials is responsible for laying down the foundation for numerous products. These materials are consumed in various industries, from the smallest to biggest due to the emerging requirement of man-made resources.

The requirement of man-made resources is directly proportional to the quality measurement of the raw materials. Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a top-quality design by the name of Tensile Strength Tester. This testing instrument is ergonomically designed to aid the manufacturers of different industries in assessing the best quality of their manufactured instrument.

The instrument derives the elongation and the load of the tested specimen by breaking it into 2 halves and identifying the exertion of the strength required to break/deform/elongate/rupture the specimen.

To understand why the tensile strength tester is the top choice for manufacturers from all over industries, we must understand how the instrument functions and delivers accurate results.

Functioning of a Tensile Strength Tester

The tensile strength testing machine measures the maximum elongation or the ability to withstand maximum load before rupturing, breaking, or deforming as per the material’s nature.

To perform the tensile test, one must prepare the sample adequately as per the standard compliances. The sample must be in a dumbbell or a rectangular shape. To prepare the specimen, Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd offers an additional option of a dumbbell specimen cutter.

Once the specimen is prepared, the sample should be placed between the grippers of the adequate type (differ from sample to sample as per material type) of the jaws. The upper jaw remains stagnant at one position and the lower jaw is motorized which moves downward i.e. away from the upper jaw with the help of a circular lead screw.

The movement of the lower jaw away from the upper jaw forces load on the specimen, resulting in the elongation, rupturing, breaking, or deformation.

The speed at which the tensile test is performed i.e. the speed of the movement of the lower jaw is set as per the guidelines of the standard to ensure higher levels of accuracy. However, the option is available to switch the variable frequency drive between 50-500 mm/minute to meet different standard types.  

When the specimen reaches the maximum load & elongation, the digital meter records the measurements and indicates the values to the operator for a critical analysis of the derived results and to make sure whether the specimen is up to the quality or not.

Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. has designed the instrument with an operator-friendly as well as accuracy-driven approach, this is why the manufacturers of tensile test equipment have added various pointers to aid the operator in achieving accuracy with precision.

Key Pointers of Tensile Strength Tester

The tensile strength testing machine is equipped with certain features to assist the manufacturers in achieving higher accuracy.z

The provision of various gripper types including wedge grippers, zig-zag grippers, vice grippers & diamond grippers ensure the perfect clamping of the specimen, allowing no movement of the specimen during the tensile test to achieve precise results.

  •  The instrument is also equipped with an over-travel limit switch which stops the instrument once the specimen is broken, ruptured, deformed, or elongated ensuring the safety of the operator from any fatal incident and making the usage of tensile test equipment hassle-free.

  • The speed of the movement of the jaws is set as per the standard guidelines along with an adjustable option to meet variable standard guidelines allowing the operator to conduct the test on various other materials by using a single tensile strength tester.

  •  The tensile strength testing machine is also powered with an additional accessory of a dumbbell specimen cutter which the manufacturers of the raw material can get their hands on for precise specimen preparation for the tensile test.

  • The instrument is offered with a rotary switch to aid the operator in conducting single-handed functions with facile and operating the entire tensile test equipment with no issues at all.

  • The instrument is equipped with a circular lead screw that ensures the smooth and constant movement of the motorized lower jaw which is important for achieving accurate results repeatedly.

  • The instrument is made out of stainless steel and mild sheet material which is coated with 7-layer powder paint that ensures high-quality rustproofing and longevity of the instrument, making the tensile strength tester a cost-efficient lab equipment to measure the tensile strength of different materials.

  • The feather touch controls along with a provision of a bright LED display promote one-touch operations and also help the operator to record the depicted peak load values with ease and precision.

The top quality features along with the finest construction that allows the operator to save on human effort eradicating the scope of human error by deriving maximum automation and thus accuracy urges the manufacturers from variable industries to rely upon this top-notch lab testing instrument for evaluating the tensile resistance of materials.

The tensile strength testing machine is manufactured with an approach to improving the quality of materials being utilized on a large scale within the market. ‘The better the quality, the fewer the accidents’, the quote has been the driving force of the manufacturers and has helped them to construct this device for improving the standard quality of the materials.

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