Top 4 Factors Affecting Tensile Strength Test Results

Top 4 Factors Affecting Tensile Strength Test Results

The tensile strength of a material is an important factor that will help you to deliver quality products to your customers. Therefore, many industrialists make use of tensile strength tester machines for determining the load strength of the product they manufacture. Tensile strength is the essential physical property of a material that will effectively contribute to your product quality. But, do you know that there are many factors that will affect the tensile strength test results of a material. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the factors that will affect the tensile strength test results.

Materials having high tensile strength would be able to bear more loads as compared to those having low tensile strength. Thus, it is very important for you to determine the tensile strength of materials before delivering them to the customers. After you determine the tensile strength of a material, then it will be easy for you to test whether the material is suitable or not. With the list of factors, you can easily determine their effects on the quality of the material. So, let us get started!

Factors affecting the tensile strength of materials

There are many factors that affect the tensile strength of the material. The tensile strength test will provide you an estimate of the data strength and ductility of metals under uniaxial tensile forces. With the help of this test, you would be able to determine the ability of materials to withstand the tensile loads without any failures. Thus, you can make use of a tensile test Machine from Presto Testing Instruments to determine the tensile strength of a material. Presto is considered to be the top tensile testing machine manufacturer that will serve you with quality testing instruments for accurate testing results.

Now, let us focus on the list of several factors that you should take care of so that you get the best tensile testing results.

  • Molecular structure of a material

One of the most important factors that would affect the tensile strength results of material is molecular structure. This structure is responsible for intermolecular forces that will be formed in the material. These molecular forces will be helpful in binding the molecules of the material. Hence if the molecular structure changes then the tensile strength would definitely be get affected. Therefore, you should make sure that you determine the molecular structure of the material before testing its tensile strength.

  • The temperature at which material is used

Another important factor that will affect the tensile strength test of a material is temperature. Materials bond strength will become loose at high temperatures. When the temperature of a material increases then the tensile strength, as well as bond strength, will get increased. But, beyond that, the tensile strength and the elasticity of that material will get decreases. Thus, temperature also plays an important role in changing the molecular structure of a material.

  • Composition of materials

The composition of materials also plays an important role in affecting their tensile strength. For instance, iron has weaker and lesser tensile strength as compared to its alloys. Therefore, the composition of metal will also play an important role in determining its tensile strength. If the material is in the purest form then its tensile strength would be low as compared to composite materials.

  • Measurement errors

It is very important to measure the test force, and size of the material accurately to avoid the effect of these factors on the material. Thus, you should take correct size measurements of the specimen to eliminate the surface irregularities. It is important to test the material accurately for delivering a quality product.

These are the top 4 factors that would affect the tensile strength test of a material. You can take the help of a Presto tensile strength tester to make sure you get accurate results.

Let’s summarize

The tensile strength of the material would easily give you an idea about the bearing power of material when uniaxial force will be applied to it. The maximum force it can bear would determine its tensile strength. When you’re looking for quality products to test, it can be tough to find a supplier who will deliver on time and provide the best product at an affordable price. Thus, you can take help from Presto Testing Instruments as we have extensive years of experience in delivering time-tested instruments. Give us a call to get more information about this product.

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Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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