An Easy Way of Calculating the Bursting Factor & Strength

An Easy Way of Calculating the Bursting Factor & Strength

Packaging plays a significant role in all production verticals - from consumer goods to groceries, from textiles to industrial material - everything needs to be well packaged so that it is delivered safely to the end user.  To maintain the quality of the packaged contents, it is necessary to pack the products using a highly durable material. It is important that the package is able to withstand variations in pressure, temperature and transportation discrepancies, without any kind of damage. Corrugated boxes are widely used as one of the most trusted and common packaging material.


Factors which determine the strength of a package: 

 In order to analyze the strength and quality of the paper, corrugated boxes, multi-layered boxes that are used in packaging, the following factors and parameters should be kept in mind:
  • Compressibility
  • Hardness
  • Tearing resistance
  • Bursting Strength 
These properties help in measuring the endurance and strength of the packaging.
Calculating the Bursting Factor 
The bursting factor is simply calculated by dividing the bursting strength of paper by the weight of the paper. The result is expressed in grams per sq. meter. 

Calculating the Bursting Strength

On other hand, the bursting strength is the amount of pressure that the sample under test can withstand easily before it ruptures. The burst strength varies as per the weight and the quality of the package. 
It can be calculated by applying sufficient amount of hydrostatic pressure, which is required to rupture the paper which is used for manufacturing the corrugated boxes. 

Importance of Bursting Strength

The value of bursting strength of the material is usually printed on the corrugated boxes. This is done in order to provide an assessment regarding the permissible quantity of load that the box can carry, without bursting at the time of handling. This test can be performed easily with the help of a testing instrument named as the "Bursting Strength Tester".
In fact the strength of the corrugated box or board used is determined by the structure of the paper or board or material used. The bursting strength of paper is based on a number of parameters such the quality of the fiber, its proportion, type, method of manufacturing and the use of additives and fillers. In case of corrugated boxes, the fluted or layered paper enhance the durability of the boxes. In addition to this, cushioning effect improves the strength of the corrugated boxes.
Hence, bursting factor and bursting strength together are required to measure the quality and strength of packaging products. This assessment ensures the durability of the package and is of high importance to manufacturers, because the toughness and high composite strength ensures that the contents of the package remain safe during storage, transit and delivery to the customer.


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