Analyze the Adhesive Strength of the Coatings Accurately for Best Quality

Analyze the Adhesive Strength of the Coatings Accurately for Best Quality

The adhesion property of the paints and other adhesive coatings is a major factor that affects the quality of these products. The adhesive strength of such products must be up to the mark to ensure that they deliver their functions efficiently. The manufacturers of the adhesive products such as paints, coatings, etc. need to test the adhesion properties of the coatings to ensure that they will stay on the substrates for a long time. The test that is performed to test the adhesion strength of the coatings is the cross hatch test


What is Cross Hatch Test?

The cross hatch test is one of the most commonly used test that is performed in the industries to analyze the quality and adhesion strength of the coatings and paints. In this test, the coating sample is applied to a test substrate. After the test coating sample dries, there is a cut made from a cross hatch tester. This cut that is made with the coating is in the form of a big X cutting that section of the coating from the rest of the coating. After the cross has been made, a pressure sensitive tape is taken and is applied to the X made by the tester. After that, the pressure is applied on the tape. Finally, the tape is peeled off from the coating. The force that is required for peeling off the coating from the substrate can be calculated trough the force applied in peeling the tape off.

Cross Hatch Tester

The Cross Hatch tester is a testing instrument that is used mostly in the Paint and coatings industries during the procedure to test the adhesion property of the coatings. It consists of four knives that are used for cutting the section of coating that is applied to a substrate.

Presto offers highly efficient cross hatch testers that consist highly sharp blades that make it easy for the users to cut the sections of coatings during test very easy. With this instrument, you can make user that you conduct accurate testing of the coatings and deliver the best to your clients.

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