Appraise Compression Strength Of Shipping Containers

Appraise Compression Strength Of Shipping Containers

Cardboard folded boxes and corrugated containers are used by nearly all packaging industries. The industries that deal with worldwide product transportation need strong and reliable packaging. These containers need to be light weighed, easy to handle and along with that must stand firming against wear and tear at the time of storage or transport. It needs to be stiff and protect the product inside. Corrugated boxes are manufactured in a way, so they can be recycled too.

Boxes are placed in form of stacks, one above another which can apply an immense pressure on the first box placed at the bottom. For that the packaging boxes need to undergo strength tests.

Compression strength of boxes is the ability of the cartons to resist the compressing force acting directly on its surface and withstand the rigors of shipping. These boxes undergo numerous tests which include compression force tests, deformation tests and crushing tests. These are to predetermine their strength and compress force resistance, when they are hollow or filled and stacked.

Presto Box Compression tester performs test on a box by applying pressure with a rigid platform. Pressure is applied in downward direction on a test sample container placed on the test platform. The heap sensors fixed on the device, record weight force applied on the test sample. A well-equipped display shows the reports in graphical or digital format which is precise. With easy touch controls and data management facilities (like reports can be emailed, seen on desktop and multiple reports can be concluded on one report) make it preferable for packaging industries.

Out of many testing instruments, PRESTO is a leading producer of the Box Compression Tester. It can be available in two dimensions 450 mm*450 mm and 600 mm* 600 mm with load capacity of 500 kgf and 1000 kgf simultaneously. The features of this modern way of testing instrument are easy to read and store data, a strong rugged structure, having accuracy ±2% full scale (with master load) and even complies to standards of ASTM D4169, ASTM D642,ISO 12048,TAPPI T804,ISO 12048 & JIS Z0212.This gives assurance of the best packaging products at the user end.

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