Assess the Drop Impact Resistance of Delicate Samples with Drop Strength Tester

Assess the Drop Impact Resistance of Delicate Samples with Drop Strength Tester

Drop Tester is an extremely vital instrument for the paper & packaging industry that ensures the security of the stored items inside corrugated boxes when dropped from height by measuring the corrugated boxes’ strength assessed through free falling tests.  

Presto drop tester machine is ergonomically designed to simulate real-life drops and falls that a packaging product i.e. corrugated box goes through while in transit and storage activities. This drop test is initiated to not just assess the strength of cartons but also to make sure that a consumer gets delivered the desired product or item without any infringement, breakage, or leakage.

How to Conduct Drop Test on Drop Tester?

The drop testing machine is a very well-designed & manufactured product for assessing the ability of corrugated cartons to withstand falls from a designated height to ensure the safety & security of the item(s) kept inside.

The instrument comes with adjustable height options that allow the corrugated box manufacturer to situate the machine in such a position that aligns with the compliances of the respective standards. The height is adjusted with the help of a load cell and the operating speed is also aligned as per the standard regulations. You can read more on the standard height for conducting drop strength tests on the materials. 

The movement of the platform as per the designated height is ensured by the lead screw designed in a circular or cylindrical shape for smooth and enhanced functioning while adjusting the height.

The twin flap platform is enclosed together and the specimen is placed on the platform. The height can be adjusted even after the placement of the specimen in case of measuring the sample strength from higher falls.

Once the operator is satisfied with the height and the overall sample placement, the twin flap platform is unfastened with the help of a pneumatic pedal and the specimen then falls on the ground, and the operator can visually find out the effects of the fall on the corrugated carton.

To check the accurate strength of the corrugated box to withstand falls completely, it becomes important to measure the strength of the edges as well as the corners which replicate real-life scenarios. This is the reason that Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. has allowed sample placement facing the edge downwards as well as the corner downwards. This enables the corrugated box manufacturer to measure the carton strength from all ends and find out the complete requirements necessary for the betterment of the box.

Key Beneficiaries of Buying a Drop Tester

The Drop Tester is a lab testing instrument that aligns with the drop test standards which enables a corrugated box manufacturer to make certain and accurate changes in corrugated boxes. 

Drop Tester offers you different and adjustable height options from a range of 380 mm to 1800 mm. This enables you to derive accurate test results assuring the security of the items that are to be kept inside. The drop test standards include IS:7028 Pt IV that make it easy for the manufacturers to conduct quality test on the materials. 

The Drop Tester machine also allows a drop test of a specimen that weighs up to 60 kg in the pneumatic motorized model. This enables the product manufacturer to quality check boxes on the heavier sound without spending anything extra.

The instrument carries the elegance of havel grey & blue combination with zinc chromium coating that ensures the infusion of anti-corrosive properties contributing towards the long life of the product.  

The provision of a twin flap platform contributes to attaining results with a lot more precision by simply replicating real-life scenarios through the creation of free fall of the specimen with the help of this drop tester machine. 

The body of the Drop Tester is also made up of mild steel, increasing the shelf life of the overall product and thus ensuring hassle-free running for a longer duration of time.

The instrument also carries a top edge & corner holding equipment that enables the operator to measure the strength of the corrugated box from three methods:

1. Flat free fall method

2. Edge free fall method

3. Corner free fall method

The instrument also takes care of the security as well as the durability of the machinery by manufacturing a load cell helping the lead screw and the platform to perform tasks repeatedly and deliver consistently accurate results.

The pneumatically designed machinery as well as the pedal to release or unfasten the platform reduces the interference of human effort ensuring not just accurate results but also a hassle-free conduction of the drop test.

The precise and accurate simulation of real-world instances possessed by the Drop Tester enables the corrugated box manufacturer to understand the number of free falls a carton goes through, in the journey of transit and storage of materials, items, and more.  

Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd has manufactured this product with a lot of resilience and brilliance allowing this instrument to be the perfect choice for corrugated box manufacturers. The Drop Tester price is justified because of its feature-packed construction allowing different methods of test as well as the safety of the operator while conducting them.


The Drop Tester helps corrugated box manufacturers improve the quality of corrugated cartons by making necessary changes. The changes are made only after assessing how the materials react to falls from different heights and different methods. This is deemed extremely important in order to satisfy the end consumer receiving products in these packaging boxes. It becomes the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide products that align with the compliance of designated standards. Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd has also manufactured this instrument to assist manufacturers in measuring the box quality as per IS 7028.

The hassle-free working and accurate operation tests consistently delivered over time urge the manufacturers to buy drop tester without any hesitation or shilly-shallying.

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Author : -Gaurav Malhotra

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