Drop tester is the perfect machine to test the drop strength of the corrugated cartons. It is equipped with a wired remote-control mechanism to eliminate the human interference. The test specimen is observed visually after it is made to fall from a certain height. The instrument work with pneumatic application and used in almost every industry that deals with corrugated cartons.


How Does Drop Tester Motorised Pneumatic Work?

Drop tester is perfect machine to test the endurance of the corrugated cartons. It is equipped with a motorised arrangement to lift the single wing structure. The pneumatic system operates the wing structure. It has a wired remote control to operate the machine. The boxes are tested on 3 ways, edge wise, corner wise and flat surface. The box placed on the wings is carried to a specified height as per the testing standards to drop it. Once the box is dropped, the operator visualises the effect of free fall on the carton. It is widely used in the different industries that deals with carton manufacturing. 





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