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Bursting Strength Tester
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Bursting Strength Tester belongs to the paper & rigid packaging industry. The main aim of this lab testing instrument is to determine the bursting factor and the strength required to completely burst the paper, corrugated, or mono carton material being used as a sample. It becomes very important to evaluate the bursting strength of a material to perform further tests as well as fix the flaws before producing the final product and delivering it to the consumer hampering customer satisfaction.

Bursting Strength Test Procedure

Bursting Strength Tester works mainly on the principle of hydrostatic pressure mechanism. This test equipment consists of two circular clamps between which the testing specimen is placed and exerted pressure incrementally by manipulating the given handle for the same. The pressure is exerted until the neoprene Bursting Strength Tester rubber moves in a diaphragm motion due to the presence of glycerin beneath that acts as a medium, bursting the specimen.

Once the sample/specimen is ruptured the digital indicator indicates the values depicting the bursting strength. To calculate the bursting factor we can simply apply a mathematical formula:  

Bursting Factor = (Bursting Strength x 100)/GSM (Sample)

This lab testing equipment can exert a force of up to 40 kg/cm square. This enables a manufacturer to test corrugated sheets of three to 5 plies and easily clamp the specimen without forcing or manipulating the handle too much. This testing equipment also comes with a pneumatic functioning wherein the need for clamping the specimen manually, is eradicated and the Presto bursting strength tester machine automatically performs the test without any manual pressure being exerted.

This is how the bursting strength test procedure is initiated and accomplished assessing accurate & consistently repeatable results. If you need more information about the simple procedure to operate this testing equipment. 

Features of Presto Bursting Strength Tester

Presto offers a digital Bursting Strength Tester that comes with an automatic burst factor calculation along with a single push button operation that helps in achieving accurate results quickly.

The microprocessor-based display ensures the accuracy of the achieved results under multi-directional force.

The strong gripping clamps also contribute towards attaining pinpoint accuracy by providing the perfect placement to the specimen and thus exerting uniform force. These clamps also ensure a no-slippage factor after placing the specimen due to the grooved structure provided at the clamp’s surface keeping the sample intact while performing the test.

 comes with a neoprene rubber at the diaphragm rather than a normal rubber, the main reason behind adding this feature is to make the bursting strength tester machine equally impactful even in extreme climatic conditions and also attain the maximum longevity possible for the instrument.

Presto Bursting Strength Tester also comes with a lock/unlock key feature in order to prevent altercations in the calibration factor and secure the lab testing equipment even when not present physically. This avoids the risk of unskilled labor manipulating the calibration value in search of ‘kaizen’.

The digital bursting strength tester is made up of mild steel material which is coated with a seven-layer powder paint to secure the machine from any sort of rusting or corrosion and assure the longevity of the instrument. The powder-coated paint also adds value to the elegant aesthetics of the machine. You can read more on the top 3 reasons you need a bursting strength tester. 

The Bursting Strength Tester comes with a ‘Peak Hold Facility’ that allows the instrument to remember the peak values of previous results, helping the test conductor to remember and form accurate results out of them. Along with ‘Peak Hold Facility’ the instrument also equips a feature of remembering the previous 9 results.

The equipment also includes features like feather touch controls along with pressure sensors for easy maneuverability of the equipment and single-handed operational conduction.

One of the most important features of the lab testing instrument is its compliance with the IS 1828 standards.

The instrument also comes with a master gauge which makes it easy for the operator to check the compliances as well as makes the result readability very easy for the operator.

The additional features include verification foils (calibrated aluminum foils) which are delivered with the Presto Bursting Strength Tester proving the trustworthiness of the equipment and therefore assuring a test performance with a hassle-free & undoubted brain.

The equipment is ergonomically designed by the presto group jam-packed with features and offers so much value to the paper 7 packaging industry especially the rigid sector of the same. The features not only make the product easy and quick to use but also ensure accuracy which takes the product straight on top of the finest products in the paper & packaging industry’s rigid sector.  

The urge to buy a Bursting Strength Tester is natural and to add more to that urge by witnessing all these features or to extract more in-depth knowledge about the Bursting Strength Tester, simply visit our website.

How to Get a Bursting Strength Tester?

The lab testing equipment holds a lot of importance for the ones associated with the paper & packaging industry, simply because of the need as well as the quality of the instrument offered by the Presto Group.

It is the responsibility of the paper & packaging industry to perform tests carefully and attain accurate results quickly and thus ensure maximum consumer satisfaction while delivering the papers, corrugated sheets & mono cartons.  

To know the price or to buy Bursting Strength Tester you can place an order right away from our product page.


Bursting Strength Tester is an outstanding product from the paper & packaging industry, determining the bursting strength and bursting factor of the paper is important to evaluate before performing further tests and making further products. The product is manufactured and delivered by the presto group offering jam-packed features making the instrument extremely easy and handy to use.

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