Assure Precision with Coating Thickness Measurement

Assure Precision with Coating Thickness Measurement

Coating has an important role in any industry. It provides finishing and protection against many situations. In a water tank, it protects the tank inner body from its content. On a submarine, it protects the external body from corrosion. In automotive exterior parts, it protects it from corrosion and abrasion. However, as their importance is incomparable, so is the benefits of evaluating the coating thickness. Coating Testing Instruments can guide manufacturer to test the quality of coating layer and improve their technique further for better production. The manufacturer may feel no need of such devices but improved quality can only help the product perform and deliver its best.

Coating Thickness Gauge Ferrous & Non-Ferrous is a high-quality testing equipment for coating thickness measurement on the magnetic and non-magnetic substrate. It comes in a compact case, which includes, the device, two metal plate, set of 5 calibration foil and zero disks. The case has a foam gasket for safe storage of the equipment. Using the instrument case the device can be kept anywhere deliver high portable nature.
It is based on the Non-destructive test method. Uses the working principle of Eddy current measurement. Suitable for measuring the non-conductive type of coating layer, such as Paint, enamel, plastic etc. on the ferrous or non-ferrous substrate. Equipped with automated test value hold facility while taking a reading. Measures thickness from 0 to 1250 Microns with an accuracy of ±2.5 Microns. Coating Thickness Gauge Ferrous & Non-Ferrous is first calibrated using the shims and metal plates. Then are placed firmly over the coated area. Please note that the device must be placed more than one time at the same area to assure accuracy in value read.
Coating thickness measurement is an important aspect of the coating and paint industry. The thickness of a coat can impact the protection it promises to deliver. The tool can be used in every geographical location. The environment change does not affect its reading. The display is designed to deliver high accuracy while providing test data. It is quite famous among leading brands for checking the coating quality. Coating Thickness Gauge Ferrous & Non-Ferrous complies with various international test standard to deliver you results which will be accepted worldwide.
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