ASTM D4169 Compression Testing Machine for Buckling Load Test

ASTM D4169 Compression Testing Machine for Buckling Load Test

Corrugated Cardboard boxes are widely used in packaging industry. They are preferred over other packaging material the most due to their maximum stacking strength and durability. They are used mostly for storing and product transporting purpose. The corrugated box is a good example of strength and sustainability. But this only stays when the box is composed of good material cardboard. To judge the quality of boxes it is important that the manufacturer must pass the boxes under different quality tests. One of the most important tests which can help the user to determine the stacking strength of cardboard boxes is – Box compression test as per ASTM D4169.

The test simulates the similar conditions at which the boxes are kept one over another. The generated load can be controlled and is specified as per industry requirement. A solid compression plate is pushed over a test sample to the point it starts to buckle. At this point the value of force exerted is recorded and which defines the stacking strength of the sample. It is very important that the machine used for the box compression test must be designed as per standards and produces precise testing data. Error-free results can only estimate the real capability and quality of the boxes. Presto Box Compression Testing Machine is ideal testing equipment which is used for calculating an accurate value for compression strength of the corrugated or plain cardboard boxes.
It is designed as per various international test standards like ASTM D642, ASTM D4169, TAPPI T804, ISO 12048, and JIS Z0212. It is capable of testing several sizes of carton boxes. Capacity available ranges from 500 kgf to 1000 kgf (more customization can be done as per request). Made up of a high-grade mild steel material having corrosion resistant coating for long-run performance. It is a twin column robust structure which holds a strong compression plate. The plate is equipped with a calibrated and highly accurate load cell. The load cell helps in distributing the input compression load throughout the specimen surface. Due to this equal distribution, it is possible to have an error-free test result.
It is managed and controlled using high-profile digital controls. Based on a microprocessor program, the display screen shows the compressive strength of the test sample. Over-travel can be avoided with the use of safety limit switches (both upward and downward). The digital screen can hold TARE and peak load. It is very easy to test a range of cardboard boxes with this machine, and the user can have an instant buckling load without any complications.

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