Attain Material Integrity & Rupturing Resistance with the Bursting Strength Tester

Bursting Strength Tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra

There are numerous instances of products getting damaged due to compromised outer packaging that is made of rigid packaging materials which leads to consumer dissatisfaction and hampers the brand identity as well. The rigid packaging material has a certain level of tolerance towards rupturing or bursting effects.

These corrugated boxes carry highly important items & products all across the globe due to their shipment-friendly build which allows the transporters to expedite the testing measure as well as occupy minimal space during the course of storage & transit.

The rupturing & bursting of corrugated boxes takes place due to various reasons such as:

1. Overloading of products

2. Compromised quality of Corrugated sheets used

3. Over stacking or unbearable stacking

4. Damage due to water absorption

5. Sharp & pointy interfaces

6. Extreme weather conditions

7. Drops & falls

During the storage & transit process, the boxes are prone to all of the above-mentioned reasons for assessing the bursting as well as the rupturing strength of a paper.

To measure the same, the Presto Group offers a bursting strength tester that is designed with high-end engineering in consideration of all the necessary ASTM & ISO standards.

The instrument aids manufacturers to achieve high levels of accuracy while determining the material integrity & rupturing resistance with its ergonomic operating mechanism.

Ergonomic Operating Mechanism of the Bursting Strength Tester

The burst testing machine is offered with a hydrostatic working mechanism that enhances the accuracy of the test and allows the operator to conduct hassle-free tests.

The operator of the instrument initiates the test by conditioning the specimen as per the size of the clamper. The specimen can be a paper, corrugated sheet, or a mono carton. Afterwards, the specimen is adjusted on top of the diaphragm with the help of the clamper that has a carved structure to ensure no movement of the specimen during the testing process.

The operator can turn the instrument on with the help of the rotary switch associated with the control panel. After turning the instrument on, the hydrostatic pressure mechanism gets injected with the help of the glycerine below the diaphragm which acts as a medium.

The diaphragm of the burst testing machine is affected by the hydrostatic pressure injected beneath the same and as a result, expands out of its original state due to elongation as the diaphragm is made of neoprene rubber material.

The expansion of the diaphragm forces bursting pressure on the specimen and the specimen resists bursting as per its rupturing resistance after the peak value is attained, the specimen bursts by making a pop sound.

The operator can unclamp the specimen with the help of the rotary wheel associated with operating the clamping mechanism. The digital display of the instrument attached to the control panel determines the bursting strength of the material being tested. The results can be easily recorded from there and the operator can reach high levels of testing accuracy.

The operator can also calculate the bursting factor from the bursting strength of the specimen using a mathematical derivation.

The instrument is also equipped with a memory hold button that is important to be utilized as it has the ability to restore up to 9 test readings, allowing the operator to evaluate and analyze the test result through critical comparison        

This is exactly how the bursting strength tester ergonomically performs its operating mechanism.  

The Presto Group has served this instrument to numerous companies that were facing issues in providing a good quality packaging material to their end consumers that was hampering the potential of sales they can earn profit from.

Case Study of Bursting Strength Tester

Kellogg’s – one of the most trusted cereal brands across the globe faced issues with moisture damage on their packaged materials as well as pointy & sharp objects hampering the quality of packaging.

Since the products provided by Kellogg’s are perishable and get contaminated by moisture content as well as are prone to leakage in case of rupture due to sharp & pointy objects. To curb this issue the bursting strength tester from Presto helped the company in determining the bursting factor and the bursting strength of their packaging material.

The company not only curbed the issue but also enhanced the quality of its packaging boxes, started earning more than the previous and reached an all-time high in sales numbers.  

This is how small changes in the right direction can be a huge push for the sales of your company and can help you attain huge levels of profit without much input. Every step towards quality is a step closer to higher benefits.

The bursting strength tester manufacturer has also inculcated amazing features within the instrument that serve the best of the manufacturer’s & operator’s interests.

Specs & Features of the Bursting Strength Tester

The instrument follows a hydrostatic pressure mechanism with the help of lab-grade glycerine that allows the movement at 95/cc per minute allowing the operator to conduct expeditious testing.

The instrument is incorporated with a neoprene rubber as a diaphragm that allows the operator to conduct the test in the test range of 1kgF – 38kgF. The neoprene rubber build is also responsible for the long-term durability of the diaphragm as it does not get affected by weathering conditions.

Other top-quality features are inculcated on the control panel such as the use of a microprocessor-based digital display with feather touch controls for easy operations.

The gripping clamps are also an important feature, connected with the rotary wheel, allowing the operator to reach high levels of accuracy.

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