Attain Perfect Closure Strengths for Bottles with the Torque Tester

Torque Tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra
  • 12-06-2024

Bottle manufacturers from around the globe serve customers with highly-crafted and perfectly intact bottles with different designs and variable closures for maximum ease of usage along with top-notch design language. 

These bottles have been used by mankind since the 15th century for carrying fluids from one place to another.  However, with the evolution of technology & the introduction of the modern age, the bottles evolved and so did bottle caps & closures to assist consumers with absolute facile in consuming the fluids packed inside.

Understanding with the help of an example, the bottles carrying aerated drinks are firmly closed with screw caps to avoid the formation of a vacuum or the leakage of fizz, the bottles with detergents have pump caps or push-to-dispense caps for a precise consumption amount with every push or pump, and the child-resistant caps for bottles or containers that carry flammable, harmful for skin, or acidic fluids.

All these variably-designed bottle caps are crucial in performing their respective role and it becomes vital for each & every manufacturer to keep a check on the closures of bottles as they play a pivotal role in avoiding leakage or vacuum formation. 

With the approach of checks & balances and standard compliance, it becomes vital for manufacturers to assess & evaluate the torque required for opening bottle closures in order to attain the highest levels of accuracy.

The Presto Group has simplified the process of checks & balances by prioritizing quality and coming up with another high-quality, manually-operated lab testing instrument called the torque tester. As the name indicates, the instrument is designed to measure the rotating force implied on a bottle or container cap to open up.

The margin for attaining the perfect bottle cap torque is extremely fine as there are chances of leakage so manufacturers have a tendency to over-tighten the bottle caps to avoid the same and avoidance of over-tightening and easy consumer utilization can cause leakages due to under-tightening. To make sure that consumers attain a perfect closure strength the torque tester is offered by the Presto Group with an extremely ergonomic testing design and working module.

Working Module of the Torque Tester

The bottle cap torque tester is a manually operated yet ergonomically designed lab testing instrument that aids manufacturers in achieving the perfect closure strength of variable closure types to ensure safety from hazards, leakages, overflowing, etc.

To conduct the test, you can follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  1. To commence with the torque test, the operator has to place the bottle or the container between the 4 knobs of the instrument on top of the base plate. Before placing the specimen, the operator must make sure to get rid of the safety latch of the base plate in order to ensure smooth movement.

  2. Once the specimen is placed precisely, the operator can clamp the specimen with the 4-knob mechanism associated with a clamping rotary wheel for single-handed testing and smooth clamping.

  1. Once the specimen is clamped firmly, the operator can easily open the bottle closure bear hands. The operator must make sure that the bottle closure must have an opening mechanism of screw caps or rotating force application. 

  1. The force applied by the operator to open the bottle closure is indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display.

  2. The operator can now easily record the attained results and keep track of all the attained results with absolute facile and ease. 

  1. The bottle cap torque tester is also equipped with a memory hold button to make sure that the operator can keep track of all the previously attained test results.

This is how the torque tester for bottle caps conducts the torque tester and attains the highest levels of accuracy while aiding manufacturers in achieving fine margins of the perfect closure strength of a bottle cap.

The instrument is equipped with top-quality attributes and is therefore trusted by manufacturers from across the globe, hailing from different industries.

Industries Utilizing Torque Tester

1.     Beverage Industry: The aerated drinks that are offered by the beverage industries carry fizz which is the USP of these drinks. However, it might leak away in case of even the minimal of issue in the bottle caps which makes it necessary for manufacturers of the beverage industry to evaluate bottle closures with utmost accuracy.

2. Pharma Industry: The medicines packed inside bottles & containers carry various acidic combinations that might get affected or react differently when exposed to a certain weather condition for a longer duration, to avoid such conditions and safeguard consumers from hazards that can even be fatal, it becomes crucial to avoid the interaction of atmosphere with the medicine packed inside.

3. Cosmetics Industry: The fluids that are packed within tubes & containers topped with closures and caps require a suitable environment to function properly but in case of a compromised bottle closure these fluids might dry up or lose their original state which can cause huge losses to both manufacturers as well as consumers of the product.

4. Chemical Industries: there are certain chemicals or fluids that are extremely prone to fire or flammable in nature and can cause huge hazards or fires if come in contact with the environment due to their highly flammable nature & properties. To restrict such flammable liquids from reacting with the environment and causing jeopardies, the torque tester for bottle caps is utilized by manufacturers, and the closures are evaluated upon their closure strength with utmost precision.  

All these industries have stored their faith in the torque tester as the torque tester price is worth the accuracy & applications it offers.

Get the Torque Tester Delivered to Your Doorstep

Do not wait any further and achieve high levels of accuracy & precision with the top-notch lab testing instrument – Torque Tester designed by the Presto Group.

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