Attain Perfect Melting of Granules into Preforms with the Plastic Melt Flow Index Tester

Melt Flow Index Tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Polymer granules are the most top-quality raw materials that are artificially created by humankind. Polymer granules are the foundation of all the polymer or plastic products that are used by consumers all across the globe. Consumers have become extremely dependent upon plastic as it has become the foremost material to be used in different industries including food & beverage, storage & packaging, pharmaceuticals, etc. All these industries require a high-quality polymer granule that is converted into a fully usable product and is consumed by manufacturers of variable industries.

These polymers are the core fundamentals of each & every plastic product as they are melted into performs which are then converted to final products after thorough testing. However, manufacturers undertake various testing methodologies with the preform of the plastic before converting it into the final product but there are numerous instances when the preform is not good enough to be converted into final products. This happens because of the uncertain melting of the granules which leads to uneven granule density in the preform. Since these processes are conducted at mass levels, it can cause huge levels of losses to the manufacturer as well as the company.

It is extremely crucial for manufacturers to avoid such losses by undertaking an approach of checks & balances with the help of the plastic melt flow index tester. The Presto Group has designed this top-notch lab testing instrument with absolute precision which determines the melt flow rate of plastic granules and thus helps manufacturers attain the perfect melt flow index of these granules.

Once the manufacturer is well aware of the melt flow index, the scope of faulty polymer granules is eradicated and these granules are then formed into highly advanced lab testing. The Presto-made plastic melt flow index tester is trusted by manufacturers due to the seamless working experience it offers.

Working Mechanism of the Melt Flow Index Tester

To initiate the test on polymer granules with the help of the melt flow index tester, the operator has to place the granules inside the bare heater of the instrument. 

The barrel is filled with polymer granules and before the application of the weight assembly it is highly necessary to ensure that there is no gap between the weight assembly and the granules or resins, therefore the operator uses a press tool that gets rid of the air gap.

The operator can now adjust the weight on the pressure assembly as per the necessity or requirement in consideration of the specimen’s properties and inculcate the pressure assembly on top of the granules in the barrel of the machine.

The barrel heaters elevate the temperature inside the barrel and around the specimen to ensure that the increased heating inside the barrel heaters melts the specimen. The melting of polymer granules under such high temperatures is accompanied by the pressure from the pressure assembly which forces the polymer granules to exit in a stick-like structure from the die of the instrument.

The melt flow index tester is designed with an automatic rotating cutter attached right next to the die to cut the polymer granules coming from the barrel heater into perfectly shaped and precisely carved pieces.

These stick-like structures are cut into pieces with the rotating cutter and they fall on the stainless steel circular plate placed just below the die. The operator can collect all the dropped polymer granules that are melted and carved into pieces.

The operator can simply weigh the polymers every 10 minutes as the rate of measuring the melt flow index is grams per 10 minutes. The results are assessed by the operator and the manufacturer undertakes the following steps accordingly i.e. in consideration of the obtained results.

The instrument is used by a lot of manufacturers from different industries that require plastic or plastic raw materials for the construction of products. The widespread popularity of the melt flow index tester is achieved because of the high-end features that the instrument offers as well as the cleaning terminologies that are in-built within the instrument to avoid the hassles of service time every time after the test is conducted because the plastic granules remain leftovers even after mild cleaning.

Key Attributes of the Plastic Melt Flow Index Tester

The melt flow index tester manufacturer has ensured high-end attributes are inculcated within the instrument making the testing experience extremely seamless by streamlining the entire testing process.  

The lab testing instrument is equipped with a highly advanced rotating cutter that carves out the stick-like flowing polymer granules that assist the operator in evaluating the melt flow as grams per 10 minutes without any hassle at all.

The melt flow index tester manufacturer has already ensured that the specimen is completely cleaned with the provision of the barrel cleaner as well as the die aligner that allows the operator to clean both of them without any hassle. The instrument is offered with xylene and the barrel cleaner is dipped into the liquid and then in the barrel heater to clean the polymer leftovers.

The operator can adhere to the circular stainless steel to see whether the die is completely cleaned by the die cleaner as the circular plate acts as a mirror.

The instrument is also equipped with high-quality SSR-based heaters integrated into the walls of the barrel heater that expeditiously elevate the temperatures inside the barrel and force the granules to melt within no or minimal time.

Book the Plastic Melt Flow Index Tester Right Away

To attain maximum accuracy while determining the melt flow index of plastic granules for top-quality plastic products, you must get yourself a highly advanced plastic melt flow index tester.

For more information regarding the melt flow index tester price, you can book it straight away by reaching out to us at our website or directly placing a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at with all the necessary requirements as per your granule quality.

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