Best Peel Tester in India - Best Quality at Economical Price

Best Peel Tester in India - Best Quality at Economical Price

One of the major properties that defines the quality of packaging is the bond strength of the package. One product which is widely used to create strength between two materials or seal product packages is adhesive tapes.

Peel Tester is a reliable equipment used to evaluate Peel Bond Strength of adhesive tapes as well as other package seals.

The best quality Peel Tester in India is available at economical price at Presto Testing Instruments.

Applications of Presto Peel Tester

Adhesive tapes are used to create the sufficient amount of bond among the materials and the substrate to which it is applied. Adhesives tapes are used in all verticals to pack the containers firmly and to create sufficient amount of stickiness and ensure that the materials or the products are firmly sealed and packed.

If the bond strength or intactness of the adhesives is not good in terms of quality, it will directly disturb the quality of the packaging and can lead to product damage.

Presto Peel Tester is an equipment which is widely used to check the quality of the adhesives. Peel Bond Strength Test is one of the important tests used to measure the quality of packaging.

Packaging Quality is checked by performing several tests on the products which are mandatory to conduct to ascertain the quality of the product.

Presto Peel Tester helps manufacturers to manipulate their decision of buying adhesive for various packaging applications. The viscoelastic property of the adhesives is dependent on the strain rate of adhesive products and depends on different test parameters.

Peel Testing is one of the most reliable tests which are performed on adhesives in testing laboratories to ascertain the quality of the adhesives. It is used to determine the strength required to separate an adhesive from its substrates.

Method of Peel Testing

In order to perform a Peel Test the following method is used:

1.    A very thin substrate such as metal foil is pasted to a rigid substrate which is further clamped to a rigid base.

2.    Then, a force is applied from the particular angle on the strip. The purpose of the force is to separate both the materials, by pulling in opposite directions.

3.    Thus, the measurement of peel depends on the following parameters:

ü  Angle of peel

ü  Force which is required to peel the sample under test from its substrate

ü  Viscoelastic properties of the adhesive

ü  Strain rate of adhesives.

Thus, the Peel test is performed from a different angle such as 90 degree, 180 degree, etc.

Hence, there are various test methods that are used to measure the strength of an adhesive including tensile test, shear test or peel test. Commonly performed on labels, tapes, coatings & other bonded materials, there are different types of peel test such as:

ü  180-degree peel test,

ü  90-degree peel test, etc.

Presto Peel Tester is extensively used to evaluate the bond strength of flexible materials such as adhesives and tapes. The tester is a high-quality testing machine known as Presto Peel Strength Tester.

Principle, Price & Technique of Peel Test

The Presto Peel Tester is provided with fixtures which can be used under a specific conditions. It is used to measure the bonding strength between the laminated coating and substrate on which it is pasted and their rigid base.

1.    Step 1 - To perform the test using Peel Tester, firstly the laminates are peeled off partially from the base material.

2.    Step 2 - The medium layer is then inserted into the fixed fixture and free ends of the sample are inserted into the movable fixture.

3.    Step 3 - The grips are then moved in the direction of tensile in order to peel off the laminated part from the base substrate.

4.    Step 4 - The force which is required to peel the lamination can be monitored by the digital panel that provides a direct measurement of peel or bond strength.

Presto Testing Instruments offers superlative quality Presto Peel Tester. The state-of-the art equipment is fitted with several features such as a digital and computerized display, for easy operation and giving accurate results.

The Presto Peel bond Strength Tester is designed and manufactured to fulfill the requirements of a large number of customers at the single point of time. The instrument offers precise test results and stringently complies with the standards ASTM D429 – 14, ASTM D903.


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