Best Price for Best Tensile Tester Machine in India

Best Price for Best Tensile Tester Machine in India

Tensile Strength is a very reliable and accurate parameter widely used in the industry, to predict the strength, quality and behaviour of materials and products, when used in their intended applications. This parameter can be evaluated and determined using a Tensile Tester Machine.

Presto Tensile Tester Machine

The quality and durability of a material can be evaluated using the Presto Tensile Tester Machine. This equipment works on the principle of measuring the force required to elongate the specimen under test, to its breaking point. This is known as the tensile strength of the material and its determination allows manufacturers and quality managers to check the core strength of their product.

Tensile Tester Technique

When a specified, controllable tension is applied to the sample under test, eventually it breaks or gets dislocated from its original position or gets deformed. This is the technique used for Tensile Testing.  This method is contrary to the compression test, wherein a constant force is applied in the opposite direction to check the resistance power to stress, of any product.

Tensile Testing is primarily used to reveal the characteristics of the product. By performing Tensile Testing, using a Tensile Tester Machine, manufacturers are able to accurately analyse the core strength of the product. Lab personnel and Quality Control Departments are thus, able to study the ability of their product to withstand tension in a real world environment.

Parameters Tested Using Tensile Tester Machine

Besides giving results for Tensile Strength, a tensile tester machine is also useful in determination of various other performance parameters. The data obtained after performing a Tensile strength test indicates the tensile strength profile of the sample under test. Furthermore, the Tensile Tester Machine also helps manufacturers to determine the elastic limit and force required to break the sample. The point at which the sample breaks, under stress, is also known as the ‘failure point’ of the sample.

Thus, a Tensile Tester Machine can be used to calculate the following parameters;

  • Tensile Strength
  • Elongation strength
  • Modulus of elasticity
  • Yield strength
  •  Strain hardening.

Tensile Tester Machine for Plastics

Presto Tensile tester machine can be used to determine the strength and elasticity of plastics. For this purpose, the amount of weight that is required to split or break a plastic specimen is carefully observed and noted.

In order to determine the elasticity of polybags and other materials, an elongation process is conducted. So, Tensile Tester Machine can be used to assess the quality of components, materials and finished products. These studies and results help not only in optimising designs, but also ensuring the consistency of quality, in manufacturing as well as for improving productivity.

Benefits and Uses of Tensile Tester Machine Results

Manufacturers can use these analysis results to:

  1. Launch superior quality products to the market faster. This enables them to maximize their growth in terms of their turnover and profitability.
  2. Reduce material costs and achieve lean manufacturing goals.
  3. Ensure that their products are manufactured as per international standards and industry specifications.

Presto Testing Instruments have decades of experience in manufacturing of Tensile Tester Machine. For further assistance, please visit or call 0129-4272727 for more details and customization of the equipment.

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