Best Way To Perform Shrink Wrap Packaging Testing

Best Way To Perform Shrink Wrap Packaging Testing

Shrink Wrap Packaging is the term used for stretch films or thermoplastic films. These films are comprised of the plastic material which usually shrinks when heat is applied to the surface of the thermoplastic films. The common categories of material that are used to manufacture shrink wrap packaging include PVC, Polypropylene, and polyethylene. The Shrinkwrap is a best packaging solution which is used all around the globe in all production verticals to pack different things that range from wrapping frozen pizzas and food items to wrapping hardware materials. Hence is essential for all the manufacturers in packaging industries to produce the best quality of shrink wrap film, material thicknesses and machines that can help to pack the goods efficiently and effectively. The quality of the Shrink wrap films, thermoplastics, and other related materials can be tested with the help of high qualitylaboratory testing equipments.

Scuff Resistance tester

Shrink wrap films or stretch films are usually used as a primary packaging product which is used to secure the products by utilizing the optimum amount of load. The shrink wrap testing instruments are required to wrap the products perfectly to ensure the quality of the products. This can be done only by providing the optimum amount of heat to the thermoplastics and plastic films that are used in manufacturing packets, pouches and many more. This can be done efficiently with the help of Dart Impact Tester and Puncture Resistance Tester to measure the strength of the packaging materials.

Presto Stantest, a leading manufacturer of testing instruments, offers a wide range of shrink wrap packaging testing instruments which helps to enhance the quality of the products which includes Dart Impact Tester, Puncture Resistance Tester, Scuff Resistance tester and many more.


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