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Dart Impact Tester

dart-impact-testerThe use of thermo-shrink sleeve wrapping packaging has become more popular nowadays. If a person looks around any supermarket, he will definitely find shrink labels on the shampoo bottles, soft drink containers, jars, cans and on other packaging products. Shrink labels generally are the labels that are made up of plastic sheets and are adjusted and wrapped around the surface of any type of container by exposing it to hot air. There are two types of shrink labels shrink sleeve wrapping packaging and roll fed labels. These types of packaging materials are used on a large scale to provide an elegant look to the products. Hence, the manufacturers in packaging industries need to perform shrink sleeve wrapping packaging testing to test the quality of the shrink labels.

Testing Equipment and Laboratory Instruments is the best method to check huge consignments from time to time in a short period of time. The manufacturing unit serves the requirements of the people all over the world in a short span of time. Hence, maintaining the international class standards would have been tough for the manufacturers in the absence of testing machines. Generally, manufacturers opted few testing machine in the beginning to make testify the trustworthiness and ended with installing a lot of machines by the end of the year.

Presto Group is highly recommendable and reliable manufacturers of high quality testing machines that can resolve the need of every manufacturer’s quality related issue completely. The wide range of machines offered by Presto includes technically advanced machines that provide a one-stop solution to get rid of quality concerning problems are Dart Impact Tester and Puncture Resistance Tester

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