Box Compression Tester Is A Compressive Strength Analyzer

Box Compression Tester Is A Compressive Strength Analyzer

 Packaging is helpful as it serves a lot of purposes such as protecting goods at the time of transit, saving cost, providing information about the goods, extending durability and giving safety from external factors such as heat, pressure, etc. A package to be transported should be light weighted and strong enough to make it cost effective. On top of that, it should be recycled due to economic and environmental factors. Corrugated box and papers have all of these characteristics.

Nowadays, boxes are widely used for storage and shipping purpose. Due to e-commerce, the demand for affordable packaging and shipping solutions for corrugated boards has increased. During the transit, the boxes are stacked on each other which causes deformation of boxes due to overloading. A good quality testing machine can help to overcome the problem. Box Compression Tester tests the compressive strength of the carton box.

The Corrugated boards represent a lot of strength, thickness, chemical resistance, etc. Multiple testing methods are implied to test the strength of corrugated box from external factors such as Bursting strength test, Tensile strength test, Compressive strength test, etc.


One of the best option to determine the compression strength or buckling load of corrugated boxes is a compression test. A compression test is used all over the world and included in the work process of various manufacturing units. The compression strength of corrugated boxes is affected by various factors. First factor is, its structural design in which the shape and dimension of the box contribute significantly to decide the properties of the box. The second factor is raw material, the weak strength of raw material utilized for making corrugated box leads to collapsing after exerting pressure. The third factor is the environmental position such as conditions related to the manufacturing unit, storerooms, etc. The boxes must be checked prior to its manufacturing for intended working conditions. The water prone places and moist air affects the boxes directly.
Often the boxes that appear to be stronger earlier gets deformed under load. Paper and cardboard boxes must have enough compression strength to bear the load when stacked one above another at the time of storage.
To check the duration of bearing load by a box, it is crucial for the manufacturers to test the compression strength.
Presto offers high quality testing machine i.e. Box Compression Tester to analyze the compressive strength or the stacking ability of cartons, paper cases, etc. Best known to serve the manufacturers with accurate test results and for using quality materials. An instrument with user-friendly controls adheres to standards ASTM D642, TAPPI T804, ASTM D4169, JIS Z0212 and ISO 12048.  The capacity of 500kgf with least count of 200gm and with a LED and Graphical display unit. The test platform size is 450 * 450 mm with a speed of 12.5 ± 2.5 mm/min.

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