Burst Test On Textiles and Fabrics

Burst Test On Textiles and Fabrics

Burst strength test is the modern technique used to measure the strength of the fabrics and textile materials by providing the stress on the material from all the directions equally at the same time. It is widely used the testing procedure for certain type of fabrics such as knitted materials, nonwoven or lace, parachute fabrics, sacks and nets, filters, etc. where it is important to stress them in a realistic manner. Fabrics usually fail when they are subjected to bursting conditions rather than when tensile forces are applied to fracture the materials because this type of stress is usually present at the knees of the clothing and elbows.

When fabric fails due to the bursting pressure, it means that the fabric has lowest breaking extension. The situation of fabric bursting arises when stress is provided from all the directions. The situation of the burst is not necessarily happened in the area with the lowest strength.

How can Bursting Test be performed?
The bursting can be performed with the help of Bursting Strength Tester – Computerised that comprises with a rubber diaphragm. As per the British standards, the bursting test can be performed by clamping the fabrics over the rubber diaphragm with the help of an annular clamping ring and by providing continuous fluid / glycerine pressure. This process is commenced by providing the pressure from underside the diaphragm until the sample burst.
4 Easy Steps to Perform Bursting Test

  • Firstly, the sample is prepared according to the size of the rubber diaphragm and clamping ring.
  • The sample is clamped over the rubber diaphragm.
  • The pressure of the glycerin is set with the BS tester which increases with an increasing rate and at a specific pressure to burst the sample.
  • The pressure which exerted is recorded, and another test is carried out.

Measurements Reported Via Bursting Strength Test

  • Clamp Size
  • Piston
  • Rubber Diaphragm
  • Sample Size
  • Liquid
  • Bursting Strength in kN/m2

Bursting Strength tester by Presto Stantest

Presto Stantest one of the leading manufacturers, supplier of testing instruments offer high-quality of Bursting strength Tester Computerised. The testing instrument is designed by the highly skilled professionals keeping in mind the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities such as ASTM, BIS, ISO, etc. The instrument is used in different production verticals such as paper and packaging, textile , plastic films, corrugated boxes, fiberboard sheets and many more to measure the bursting strength of different materials for different applications.

To know the technical specifications of Bursting Strength Tester Computerized, visit the website.

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