Bursting Strength of Flimsy Packaging Needs To Be Checked Thoroughly

Bursting Strength of Flimsy Packaging Needs To Be Checked Thoroughly

Poor packaging has an obvious side-effect that is product damage. If primary and secondary packaging is not stiff enough to bear the conditions faced by the supply chain, then the product reaches the destination in poor condition. It costs high for the manufacturers as they have to fund the compensation, give refunds or sell the product at lower price.

Poor Packaging Problems

Almost 59% of consumers have stated that bad packaging does not attract them to buy the product. It increases the risk of loss of sales. Brand image is destroyed due to bad packaging along with the financial cost of the product due to packaging damage. Luxury products have higher quality expectations due to its premium price. Insubstantial packaging does not attract consumers to make a repeat purchase or recommend the brand to other users. Various equipment are available in the market to test the burst strength of packaging materials such as Bursting Strength Tester.

Benefits of Bursting Strength Testing

In a competitive market, manufacturers must be aware of consumer expectations related to packaging design, branding and quality. The burst strength measures maximum pressure applied on the paper in a right angle to the surface. A bulging circular elastic diaphragm applies the pressure.

Burst strength can be defined as the pressure at which a film and sheet of plastic or paper will burst. Used as a measure of resistance to breaking, burst strength depends on the scalability of the material and the tensile strength. It is expressed in pound per square inch (psi). Burst strength of packaging material is utilised in the shipment of merchandise which is printed on the package.

Bursting Strength testing machine has a model known as Bursting Computerised cum Digital Model with Pneumatic clamping. It measures by giving hydraulic pressure through rubber diaphragm on a circular area if the sample of the corrugated board under tests conditions. Force needed to burst the board is measured through a digital indicator. Bursting strength value can be used to grade the quality of corrugated material. It ranges from 0 to 40 kg/cm2. It comes with dual system i.e. Digital display when the computer is not available and inbuilt hardware and software CD.

Operating principle:

Tests are conducted by applying hydraulic pressure having glycerine hydraulic liquid to the sample by a rubber diaphragm. The maximum pressure is reached when the sample ruptures. It is displayed in the PC monitor.

In Bursting Strength Tester, data can be tabulated in Excel. Your company logo and address can be placed in the test report. 10 sample reports can be seen on one report. For further enquires, ask our expert team for a consultation.

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