Bursting Strength Test for Textile Industries

Bursting Strength Test for Textile Industries

In textile industries, different types of tests are performed to determine the strength of the fabric. Tensile tester is used to determine the strength of the fabric in which there are definite warp and weft directions. However, in knitted sample and non-woven samples, there is no specific direction Bursting Strength Tester is used. In this test, the equivalent stress is applied from all directions and thus declared as perfect for the such materials. In samples like industrial fabric, parachute fabric, nets and sacks, the stress is required to apply from all directions, just like in the intended applications. Thus, the real assessment of the sample is done by using burst test. 

During the test, if the sample is breaking across a direction, this means it has the lowest breaking extension. Because equivalent stress is applied throughout the sample and if the breakage is occurring at one point or in a particular direction, it means it is the weakest point. 
According to the British test standards, the bursting pressure will not be applied on the sample directly. Instead, a diaphragm is used. By using the annular clamping ring, the sample is clamped over the diaphragm. The hydraulic pressure is created by using the glycerine as the medium. The glycerine will keep on exerting the pressure until the sample ruptured. 
The clamping of sample along with its size is very important. If the sample is clamped very tightly, it would burst at lower pressure, because it is already facing some stress due to tight clamping. On the other hand, if sample is clamped loose, it will result in slippage. The specimens with the larger diameter fail at lower pressures (approximately one-fifth of the 30mm diameter value). It is always advised to perform the test on approximately 10 samples to get the most accurate value. 
In the test the fabric sample is clamped over the rubber diaphragm and the pressure in the fluid increased at such a rate that the specimen bursts within 20 ± 3 s. The extension of the diaphragm is recorded, and another test is carried out without a specimen present. The pressure to do this is noted and then deducted from the earlier reading. 
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