Buy Presto's Moisture Meter-Perfect for commercial and Domestic Use

Buy Presto's Moisture Meter-Perfect for commercial and Domestic Use

A moisture meter is a very simple device to analyse the moisture content in materials like wood, cardboard and paper. In general, to determine the moisture content, the weight of water in a sample is compared with the weight of sample dried in the oven. This is a lengthy process and requires a lot of precision to get close to precise results. To cut down all the efforts Presto offers pin style model for immediate and precise readings. This model has many advantages over bench top models. Due to their limited portability, it becomes difficult to do an onsite inspection. To overcome such problems, portable models are used.  

Cost is an important factor while procuring machines for a laboratory or for an industry. This is why it is widely preferred in domestic applications as well. For indoor projects, people need kiln dried wood with up to 9% of moisture content. Similarly, for commercial use, up to 19% of moisture is required. Knowing the exact amount would help in determining the suitability of the wood for the use. 
How does pin style model works?
As water is a good conductor of electricity. More the moisture content in the sample, more will the flow of electric current. As pins are inserted into the wood log, the pins try to make a contact keeping the wood as a medium. Although, wood is a bad conductor of electricity. It does not allow the current to pass through it. Due to the presence of water, some of the amount electricity will start flowing through it. The meter will process the electrical signal into human readable form and display on the LCD screen.  
Should I Buy a Pin or Pinless Meter?
Deciding this is an intricate task. To get the right answer, you first need to identify your requirements. You need to discover what you want from your instrument. If you have samples in powdered form or granulated form, you may opt for moisture analyser. On the other hand, for wood logs, corrugated boards, paper, etc. it is always advised to use pin style model. But pin style model is not suitable for surfaced wood, as inserting pins would lead to visible depressions on the surface. 
Moisture meter offered by Presto is designed ergonomically for easy operation. It can measure moisture range up to 30%. It works on a rechargeable battery and thus suitable for operation at a remote location. For more information, contact our experts. 

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