Check Paper Burst Strength Using Bursting Strength Tester Machine

Check Paper Burst Strength Using Bursting Strength Tester Machine

 Paper bags are widely used for packaging products due to their recyclability, reusability and biodegradable nature. Packaging is an important factor to determine the quality and appearance, in terms of industrial products, as it influences the purchasing power of the customers. Various testing machines are manufactured to test the quality of packaging materials used for packaging products.

Burst strength property of packaging material plays a vital role in defining the quality and strength of a material. Burst strength is the pressure applied on a plastic object or a paper at which it will burst. It depends on the maximum pressure provided to tear the plastic or paper used to make corrugated boxes. Packaging companies transport products from one place to another with a guarantee to ensure its safety from various environmental conditions like climatic factors, transportation etc. These companies use various materials like paper, fabrics, rexine, and corrugated boxes. To check whether this material can be used for storing and transporting purpose, a testing machine is used to analyze the quality and strength.


Bursting strength is calculated by placing it between the steel clamps. Pressure is applied to the sample by both sides until the sample gets fractured completely. A bursting strength tester has various capacities to assess the bursting factor. Bursting factor is used to check the strength of the paper and corrugated boxes keeping in mind all the internal and external factors.

Bursting Factor= Bursting Strength (kg/cm2) x 1000/ Grammage (gm/m2)

Grammage can be defined as the base weight of any sample.

The weight that a paper bag can bear can be assessed by bursting quality analyser. Usually, the edges of the packaging products get damaged due to more pressure from within. A paper burst test and cardboard burst test are performed by high-capacity bursting tester machines to assess the bursting of corrugated boxes, paperboard, cardboard etc.Various categories of Bursting Strength Tester are available such as Analogue, Digital, Computerised model and others.
Bursting Strength TesterMachine checks the quality of bursting of the material. A circular sample of paper or cardboard is cut by various sizes if diaphragm. These samples are placed on the rubber diaphragm fitted in the device and force is applied to the paper gets ruptured. The bursting strength tester machines are manufactured according to various standards, for example, TAPPI, ISO etc.
Presto offers a highly reliable Bursting Strength Tester - a computerized model that complies with standards to measure the quality of paper and paper sheets by noting its bursting quality. The prestigious equipment is easy to use and has advanced digitalized control that gives reliable and accurate results. It is equipped with TARE facility and memory settings. Memory is chip based to hold up to 9 tests. A sample is tested under tight holding clasps with no slippage of the item. The equipment gives very accurate test results within multidirectional power.


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