Check The Seal Integrity Of Packaging Cups With Vacuum Leak Tester

Vacuum Leak Tester

The vacuum leak testing is performed to determine the leakage in different materials or parts caused by an external source. The Vacuum Leak Tester is used to inspect the consistency of the foiled cups under vacuum. The instrument complies with national and international quality standards. The tool is amazing designed to test the seal integrity of the packaging cups. The test is performed by placing the sample in a definite amount of vacuum. For determining the integrity of the specimen and testing the leakage in the cups, a defined amount of vacuum is created that ensures the intactness of the seals. The leak test is performed before the process of storage and warehousing to ensure the unbroken seals. The device is used to verify the integrity of seals of the packages.

The instrument is designed and manufactured to perform the leak test on the packaging of the drugs, FMCG products, medical devices, cars, stationeries, electronic components and other industrial products.

The vacuum leak tester is provided with an LCD display and thermal printer for effective testing procedures under the definite amount of vacuum. The integrity of the samples is tested, and the leakage is determined to ensure the intactness of the seals. The leak test is important and tells the quality of the material used to manufacture a product. The testing procedures are performed prior to beginning the warehousing and storage. The device has micro-controlled operations and displays the vacuum and tune on the screen. The time and vacuum are programmable.

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