Check The Strength Of Your Adhesive Seals With Adhesion Strength Tester

Check The Strength Of Your Adhesive Seals With Strength Of Your AdAdhesion Strength Tester

Adhesives are effectively used in plastic packaging industries in the form of seals, laminates, and foam tapes. There are adhesive tapes and seals which have some specific information printed on it. The information may denote the name of the manufacturer of the product or it can be for the advertising purpose. So wherever that adhesive tape is fixed it is expected to remain there for the longest time possible. Inner adhesion of the substrate to a film is the most important part where adhesives act. This is the reason for checking it before they are fixed to some surface.

The tapes and sealants used in packaging industries need to pass peel and adhesion strength tests before going out on some packet for sale. The strength tests can be of forms as peel, seal and adhesion testing. Adhesion Strength test checks the strength of the adhesive material coating on its substrate. This can be done with peeling under some specific force. The test is performed at varied angles such as at 90° or 180°, for the best quality.
Presto Adhesion Strength Tester is manufactured to check with the adhesive strength of a material. The device is composed of strong clamps that hold the specimen for test. A sample is prepared for adhesion test placed in fixtures and the machine is allowed to apply elongation pressure. It has a load cell of 20 kgf and strong moveable clamps. The speed of clamps can be set to multiple values which vary in between 30 mm/min to 300 mm/min. The mechanism works with elongation force and the result throughout a test is stored in memory. The memory displays the highest elongation pressure during the test.  
This machinery has features of corrosion resistant body, high precision LED display, accurate results and a memory that can hold up to 9 test results. The machine is available in angle 90° or 180° fixtures, as per the requirement of the customers. The machinery is available in digital and digital computerized models. Digital model shows result immediately on LED display whereas Digital cum Computerized model can provide results in the format of graphs, which makes it more efficient for handling test results. The machine is developed as per standards of ASTM D 903, proving it more reliable for testing the adhesive peels. 

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