Checking Burst Strength Of Packing Products

Checking Burst Strength Of Packing Products

 Every item that is to be delivered at the user end, is stored and transported to its destination in packages. The quality of a packaging box is dependent on the composition of its material and processing method. Environmental factors like pressure due to the stacking of packages that results in tearing of packages. Bursting of carrier packages causes damage to a million dollar product.

Bursting Strength of paper, cardboard, or foil are affected by the stress and pressure on them. The strength quality is affected by the composition of molecule, thickness, and method of manufacturing. Before packing products into containers they need to be tested for quality packaging.

Bursting strength tester is the equipment to measure that quality. It evaluates that at what value of pressure in kg/cm², the test sample gets rupture and burst out.

The mechanism of the device can be explained by placing the test specimen between the two circular clamps so that the sample does not slip while testing. Then hydrostatic pressure is applied over the test sample with the gear handle. The pure circular rubber diaphragm continuously applies pressure until the test sample bursts. The result is recorded according to the record type.

PRESTO Burst Strength tester has a similar process of testing a specimen (layered paper, foil, and corrugated box, cardboard). Additionally, it is available in five distinct models such as analogue, digital, digital pneumatic clamping, digital pneumatic clamps with the printer, and digital with a computerized display with pneumatic clamping. These distinct forms of the instrument have different features and the recorded results are in varied formats.

Analogue and Digital Burst Strength Tester have manual clamping. In Analogue Burst tester, the result is displayed by a pointer pointing at pressure meter while on the contrary Digital one provides precise result in digits. Both instruments have one single button for pressure test operation. Analog type has to be stopped manually whereas Digital one gives beeping sound when the test is completed. Burst Strength Tester Digital is the most cost-efficient among its range of products. Pneumatic burst Strength Testers with the supply of pressure through airline works as an automatic instrument. It is available both in the computerized model, which gives a report in the form of a graph on the LED display and the other, attached printer model which gives the printed results. The variations in clamping methods and result display conclude that Presto Burst strength tester provides a better deal than other vendors at an efficient cost.

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