Avoid Product Damage due to Slippage with the Coefficient Of Friction Tester

Coefficient Of Friction Tester

The rigid packaging material like corrugated sheets, corrugated boxes, paper bags, etc. that is used to prevent the products & items from spoilage or contamination is layered with flexible packaging material like films, laminates, tapes, etc. However, the flexible packaging material has lower friction levels therefore, the tendency of slippage in the case of stacking is always present.

The slippage during storage & transit measures like stacking can cause huge levels of damage to the product which will hamper consumer satisfaction levels and cause losses to the product's manufacturer. Avoiding such losses is the key to gaining profits from a product, to continue operating in this way testing of each & every production and transit step becomes vital.

One such testing measure to avoid slippage & thus damage to products is vital to evaluate the friction levels of the flexible package layering over the rigid packaging product. To help manufacturers assess the friction levels of flexible packaging material, the Presto Group offers highly advanced lab testing equipment called the coefficient of friction tester.

The instrument is designed with high-end and ergonomic design modules, allowing the operator to reach higher accuracy standards and determine the testing results adeptly.

Working Module of the Coefficient of Friction Tester

Calculating the Coefficient of friction is an extremely easy task with the highly advanced lab testing equipment offered by the Presto Group. It offers to determine both dynamic as well as static friction levels of the specimen by testing under three different terminologies.

The friction tester is highly rated by manufacturers from the packaging industry due to its ability to conduct tests with such facile into all three measures which are:

1.     Sample to sample

2.     Metal to sample

3.     Glass to sample

The test is initiated after the operator clamps the specimen after adjusting it above the glass top with the help of the fly-screw powered gripper that ensures no movement & wrinkle-free placement. In the case of sample-to-sample testing, a metal sledge wrapped with the sample’s other half is slid across the surface of the specimen with the help of a horizontal movement tray assembly.

The movement of the assembly causes friction due to the sliding of the samples across each other’s surface, the friction levels are indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display associated with the control panel. The operator can simply record the derived results and measure the coefficient of friction using a simple mathematical formula:

COF = Static friction or kinetic friction/ sled weight (on which the sample is rapped)

In the conduction of the test with the other two testing terminologies, the specimen is not wrapped on the metal sled and it slides across the surface of the specimen wrapped on the glass panel with the help of a gripper. 

Similarly, in the sample-to-glass testing method, the operator wraps the specimen on the metal slide but does not clamp it on the glass surface, and the metal sled that is wrapped with sample slides across the glass top.

This is how the operator of the device reaches high accuracy levels by performing the tests in variable methods. The ergonomic functioning of the friction tester is possible only because of the incorporation of highly advanced features that the instrument is equipped with.

Advanced Features of the Coefficient of Friction Tester

The instrument has gathered attention from the packaging industry due to its ergonomic functioning and feature-enriched build. The instrument offers futuristic features that allow the operator to conduct testing repeatedly and achieve results with absolute ease & facile consistently.

The first & foremost feature of the instrument is its ability to determine both static as well as dynamic friction which allows the operator to identify the smoothness level of the specimen with maximum accuracy & precision,

Another top-quality feature of the equipment is the performance of tests into three different terminologies. The variable material testing allows the manufacturer of the product to ensure that the packaged material will not slip when kept above any of these materials if the outcomes of the test are desired.

The lab testing equipment also offers a highly advanced gripping mechanism powered with fly screws to ensure no movement of the specimen as well as wrinkle-free adjustment to achieve higher accuracy standards and get the desired results expeditely.

The coefficient of friction tester is also incorporated with an extremely advanced unit of the testing apparatus known as the control panel, as it is equipped with a microprocessor-based digital display that indicates the results of the test with extreme precision & accuracy as well as the feather touch control buttons have elevated the testing standards a notch higher as they promote single handed testing with such facile.

The instrument is also offered with a meal sled for the conduction of the test along with calibration weights that allow the operator to ensure the accuracy-driven results that the manufacturers of the equipment promise.

There are certain specifications of the instrument that must be acknowledged before placing an order for the equipment.

Specifications of the Coefficient of Friction Tester

·       The speed of the slide block is 150 mm per minute.

·       The weight of the metal sled is 200 gm.

·        The construction material used is mild steel coated with powder paint to prevent corrosion.

·       The display that indicates the results is LCD-based.

·       The buttons on the control panel are feather-touch.

It is highly necessary to keep track of all these specifications before you book the friction tester as it allows the equipment to ensure that you book the right instrument.

Book Yourself a Coefficient of Friction Tester Right Away!

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