Compress Your Packaging Products And Test The Strength

Box Compression Tester

box-compression-tester Packaging plays an imperative role in all manufacturing units to offer the best level of safety to all the goods. Products that are manufactured in packaging industries include corrugated boxes, paper bags, and containers, cartons and so forth. These products face many problems and hurdles at the time of transportation like compression, crushing, buckling, drop, burst and many more. This also disturbs the quality of the product which is packed in these packaging containers and boxes. Therefore, the designers, producers and manufacturers in packaging industries need to produce best quality instruments. One of the best testing techniques which is used to measure the quality and strength of the corrugated boxes is known as Compression Test. This test can be done efficiently with the help of widely used testing instrument Box Compression Tester. The testing device helps to measure the compressive strength of various packaging products like cans, corrugated boxes and drums. The testing instrument helps to determine the relation between deformations vs. compressive forces easily.

The testing equipment is used to measure the quality of shipping containers that are constructed using wooden crates, corrugated fiberboards and other types of boxes. Consumer packages and boxes are usually subjected to compression. Hence, it is mandatory for the manufacturers first to test the strength and quality of the raw materials along with the compression resistance of the products. During the test, the test specimen is provided with the controlled amount of compression pressures. This testing procedure involves imposing a sufficient amount of load to check the compression strength of the packages.

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