Conduct a Quick & Precise Dart Impact test on Plastic Films

Conduct a Quick & Precise Dart Impact test on Plastic Films

Major utilization of Plastic films is in the Packaging industry. Due to their flexibility, durability and non-reactive nature, they are preferred by multiple packaging manufacturers. However, there are plenty of mixed quality polymer variants in the market. Suppliers often try to sell the poorest quality material in low price which leads to low standard product.

Plastic films are prone to many destructive conditions and among all those, the free-falling weight is one common issue. Poor quality packaging can easily burst open on encountering even a small impact. Therefore, one must give importance to quality control and conduct material testing for checking the impact strength. Presto brings you an advanced hi-tech model from the Prima series which can deliver accurate test solutions rapidly and precisely.
Dart Impact Tester is designed for testing the quality of packaging films by estimating its resistance against free-falling weight during storage, and transit. It complies with test standards such as IS 2508:1984(R2003) and ASTM D1709-16A. Allow both test method A & B. Widely used by plastic film manufacturers for inspecting the strength and durability of their product. Suitable for flexible films, sheets and related products.
The test equipment has an electromagnetic area with dart hold and release mechanism. Below is the circular clamp with shielding structure to avoid the dart from falling out after bouncing on the sample. A paddle switch for easy operation and HMI based Touchscreen display as program controller.
To initiate the test, user needs to switch on Dart Impact Tester and place the specimen in the clamping area. Parameters like, test method, dart weight, number of samples, magnet hold time, failure percentage, username etc. can be set. Post that, using the paddle switch one can clamp the sample and start the test automatically. Distinct variety of Dart is delivered among which user can choose any one (as per test standard method) and set on the electromagnetic platform. The dart is allowed to fall freely on the plastic film clamped below. The end results are visually inspected.
Equipped with hi-tech features to make your test process hassle-free. HMI-based touchscreen display with 8 function keys, allow user to set the test parameters, initiate the test cycles, set repeatable test program with distinct parameters, extract test data and save information as per requirement. You get 128 MB Flash Memory Space for saving numerous test and USB 1.1 host for faster data downloading. It also supports, CF memory card.
Equipment offers adjustable Drop Height to fulfil multiple test conditions. Highly advanced pneumatic clamp mechanism ensuring tight stretched sample hold.
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