Conduct Hi-tech Torque Test for Caps and Closures

Conduct Hi-tech Torque Test for Caps and Closures

Bottle caps and closures are the most sensitive part of a bottle when ensuring its quality as it is the only barrier between outside contamination and inside content. The bottle cap are tested for its material quality its sealing nature, leakage resistance, and its torque quality. The bottles are specified under several quality standards and requirements. The sample fulfils all passes the production and forwarded to the filling line. Often companies set a particular amount of torque for the closure and it must follow the same. However, it needs an efficient system to measure the torque value.

Torque Tester is a highly efficient test equipment which is used for conducting torque test for caps and closures. Designed specially to evaluate the quality of container closure system. The machine precisely measures the amount of force required to open a bottle cap or to close it. It may amaze you but leading brands of beverage packaging has their highly talented research team which decides a particular amount of torque for the bottle cap. And as per that ever cap should be designed and packed. Bottles whose closure do not follow those specified force measurement will fail in the filling line.
The testing equipment has a microprocessor based digital format of operations which translate the force applied in to digital format. It also provides the facility of holding the tare and peak value in test process. The tare and peak value is recording is an important aspect in research and industrial quality control facility. There are many equipment which fails to deliver the peak force at which the closure opens or get closed.
The instrument has a remarkable specimen setting with anti-slip holders. The Pegs are specially designed to ensure zero-slippage of specimen. This leads to high precision test program. Equipped with in-built calibration features which helps the user in auto-tuning the machine prior its use for test. It can be useful when utilizing the equipment for different test standard. Has adjustable sample clamping. Safety lock to limit the movement and reduce addition torque calculation. 


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