Conduct Peel Strength Test for Adhesive Material

Conduct Peel Strength Test for Adhesive Material

The adhesive material is used in industries in a wide quantity. The adhesives must exhibit to quality sealing and durable nature. To perform the Peel Strength Test for Adhesive Material, in order to ensure its quality for industrial use, one must trust a reliable brand such as Peel Strength Tester by Presto Group. It is used for quantifying the force required to peel an adhesive coating or material from its surface. With advanced level features, the equipment can deliver the most precise test results and help the user to categorize the material as per their quality.

The testing equipment is equipped with a load cell for high control over the machine’s force application. The absence of a load cell can lead to unevenly distributed force application while performing a peel test. But this instrument will not let that happen. It ensures that the force is evenly distributed on the grips and the testing sample. This can help in performing an accurate peeling test. The gripping clamps having a width of 25 mm is made strong and smart. It can clamp the specimen strongly with zero slippage ensured. A wide variety of size and shapes can be easily fit in the grips. There are safety limit switches equipped in the instrument which will limit the travelling length of the grips while conducting the test.
In many Industries, Peel Strength Test for Adhesive Material is formulated with restrictions decided as per the rules set as per the industry. Due to which they may want to restrict the movement of peel to a specified length. Here safety limit switches help the operators to set their required limit.

The operation and test monitor is based upon the digital microprocessor display screen. The area contains feather touch buttons to set the force value and record test values. The display screen is also fitted with the bright LED light source so that the user does not find it difficult to read the test data on the screen in any lighting conditions. The values are bright and clearly visible. The machine is designed following the international test standards such as ASTM D 903. This is why the test results acquired are trusted worldwide. There are specially designed clamps which can perform peeling test at 180 degrees of angle. The 90-degree angle testing fixture is also available on request – it is an optional feature. In-house calibration is also present with the equipment.


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