Conduct Tape Adhesion Test Using Automated Test Machine

Conduct Tape Adhesion Test Using Automated Test Machine

Adhesive Strength – A Few Facts:
Adhesive strength means how well it bonds with one another but this is quite an incomplete definition. For instance, one adhesive might show tremendous tensile and shear test values but it might also be brittle and crack when they are exposed to excessive shock or vibration while a system with lower absolute tensile and shear values can manage shock and vibration without any problems. Peel Bond Strength Tester is used for pressure sensitive tape to determine the adhesion quality of a coating.

Another adhesive system shows exceptional peel and shear strength when it is tested on one surface like aluminium but fails miserably if the same aluminium has a powder coat paint applied. The adhesive strength is measured by shear, tensile or peel tests.

Peel is concentrated along a thin line at the edge of the bond where one base material is flexible. This test is used for pressure-sensitive tape systems to know how well the adhesive sticks to the surface on which it is applied.

Peel Adhesion Test
Peel test is a common test practice to determine Adhesive quality control in industries. Manufacturers perform this test must focus on the quality and standardisation of test machine also. As any lack of choosing an appropriate machine that follows international standards delivers inaccurate test results.

Peel adhesion is tested by using two methods i.e.

  • The 90 degree peel method in which the tape is pulled perpendicularly to itself. It is the best measurement of peel adhesion of various substrates used for fastening tapes.
  • The 180 degree peel method in which the tape is pulled back onto itself to evaluate the adhesion of masking and packaging tapes.

The sample clamping fixtures for both the test process is different. You can get 90 degree fixture available only on request.

Presto Peel Bond Strength Digital Tester brings a high quality solution with peel test facilities. It is a standardised and robotised test machine used to conduct accurate peel strength test for adhesive materials. The testing is suitable to measure the stability of adhesives like tape or glue when applied on the base material. It checks the ability to get peeled off from a surface. The machine is designed and manufactured according to test standard ASTM D903.

Peel Strength Tester from Presto has a display screen which is based on a hi-tech microprocessor that converts force applied into numeric values. You can view peel adhesive strength value that is measured on the screen. The force application is controlled uniformly to ensure equal distribution all over the test sample.

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